Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Found Some Awesome Table-side

I have a passion for table-side restaurants because it just feels so special and sparkly :)  I am thrilled to have finally found a place here that offers me this kind of delight!

Cute antics catch up:

Picking Lord Nelson for himself as a historical character he'd like to be and then proclaiming me "Joan of Arc"… I commented about my thoughts on that idea and then he chose "Marie Antoinette"… not sounding much better and then his dear father piped up "Helen of Troy"… well, that's not so bad (depending on which ending you pick)!

"Mom, go to the bathroom!" x 10 repetitions.  He was upset because I wouldn't let him climb on me because I needed to pee (but wanted to hear the rest of a story Andrew was telling me).  The irony of hearing that from him after all the hundreds of times he'd done the antsy dance and refused to use the bathroom… Andrew and I got a good laugh!

When the dishwasher detergent cake had part of the center fall out, he laughed "Oh, how humorous!"

Putting a sign on his door reminding himself to wear pajamas (If he wears clothes to bed, they count as pajamas and he needs to change in the morning.  He hates changing from clothes into clothes and clearly prefers having worn pajamas just so he can avoid that trial.  He had one morning of distress because he'd fallen asleep in his clothes and didn't want to change... that was the same morning he tried to wear his pants inside out when he finally did change!  I don't fight over backwards, but inside out is too much!)  

"I like how progressive Dad is in his work." (He clarified that he meant Andrew was making progress.)

considering trying a family canoe again, "Sure, I'm not as grouchy as I was in the past."

Cameron's homework that he typed and picked out the pictures for someone he admires and his family.

I picked .Lord Nelson .because he was very good at defending  England from Napoleon.                

This is me with my mom and dad.I love my dad because he's strong and he works hard.I love my mom's snuggling and niceness.