Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The pines and the deer

I've been noticing how quiet the pines are around our new home. Unlike the giant branches and thousands of cones that redwoods shed, the pines just quietly swish and shed their long needles.  They are lovely in the morning sun and when powdered with snow.

This pine is just outside the door where I let Tracker out several times a day. It's the first to get a name. I asked for votes and my mom named it "Lady Godiva":
"My vote:  Lady Godiva with her arms outstretched, body curves with a prominent tush, flat abdomen, standing tall with a seductive flair."

Tracker did find it a bit trying when a herd of deer settled under the pines.

The deer are just ridiculously unconcerned about hanging out around the house. They frolic in the snow and nap comfortably in the yard.

FB:At least this young buck decided it was worth looking at me when I came to the window. The deer have been prancing around the house all morning and now it’s time to nap around it. The few roses that I was able to drive here are definitely staying in container pots lest these human-comfy critters make them deer-candy!

And I just left for some errands... doe next to the driveway felt no need to do more than glance at me either.

These are two, new, nature-treats that I'm enjoying.