Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trip to Connecticut... One of My Weekly Updates


Hello everyone,

We’re back!!! Pictures and good things… here we go:

Shuttle from the longterm parking to airport… journey started 4am December 24th

Pretty flying above the clouds

Tracker tucked himself into the bulkhead area and flew like a pro!
Christmas in Connecticut… happy boy starting on his presents
Tracker thought the remote control lego was super scary
Lots of cousin love :)

And Franklin love (Andrew’s parents’ dog)
Tracker approved of Franklin too
Off to visit Brooklyn with GG (Great Grandma)

Manhattan from the Whitestone Bridge… we had a NY diner lunch on our way and I discovered that I severely dislike calves liver!

Heading into the city

Subway smooth for all too
Museum of Natural History was an all day affair
Except that I took a quick walk across central park on my own...
to see this painting at the MET!  Sooooo wonderful!!!

Sleepy subway time home

I did a couple adult colorings as gifts and cozy time with my mother-in-law.  We enjoyed manicure / pedicures too!

We also played lots of games!  A new one, “Spot It”, was a favorite… Cameron made us laugh when he saw the red maple leaf and called it a “Canadian Feather”!!!  We also played “Castle” which takes as long as Monopoly but is sooooo much more fun!

We watched Star Wars 4/5/6 in the evenings and then the new movie in the theatre. Dogs weren’t interested.
More cousin love :)  Andrew’s Dad made an AMAZING Chicken Marsala!  We also had lots of other foodie goodies over the visit including filet mignon this particular night.  I also made one of my all-day cheesecakes to add to the pampering :)
Time with my best friend and her family, including her toddler who likes to take selfies and say “Cheese, cheese, cheese…"
Kids have fun in odd ways sometimes!

Cameron didn’t quite get his grandma’s job of a speech pathologist right, he called her a “Speech Psychiatrist”!

We took Andrew’s aunt Kathy out to a yummy breakfast :)
Flying home we had lots of delays and I was amazed that Tracker didn’t pop… he made it and so did we in the wee hours of morning January 5th.  
Back to routines, Cameron is working to get his flips more smooth, but he’s pretty snazzy to watch!

It’s been solid rainy and we’ve had lots of fires to keep us warm :)

And I made it to the ocean this morning for the first time since I got back and it was the most feisty I’ve ever seen it!  Rows and rows of cascading waves crashing into the cliffs!

Here’s to beauties both at home and with family everywhere!