Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Parenting Power of…. the Plunger!

Long ago, I was about the same age my son is now: a wise fourteen. One would think I had some intelligence. I got excellent grades in honors / Advanced-Placement (AP) classes and did all the well-rounded things too like participate in clubs and do community service. Yet, somehow I took up the plunger one evening and my brain went on vacation. The shower water was on to warm-up and I had a towel round me while waiting and… I picked up the plunger. Somehow, I thought it would be fun / wise / sane to plunge the bathroom mirror. The entire 6 foot by 4 foot thing came off the wall at my head and I screamed as I dropped the plunger and threw up my hands. My father came bursting in to my rescue, helped guide the precarious mirror to the counter, noted the lack of blood / damage, and kindly didn’t mention the lack of towel. (It took me several years to admit that the little mirror clamps hadn’t just broken because I was experiencing an overwhelming combination of fear, shock, and abject embarrassment!)

So… what does this have to do with parenting. There are times when I can’t imagine the depths of insanity that must be present for my child to have taken a certain action and then… I remember the plunger. I simply cannot explain where my usually sensible-self went for those thirty seconds and if I could have been that loopy, perhaps I can be a wee bit understanding of my child. It doesn’t change that there are consequences for actions and I can definitely still lose my cool. But, the parenting-power of the plunger is that I can have some compassion for the most egregious actions. After all, if I could plunge the bathroom mirror at fourteen, my child might actually just need some more kindness and support and time. When I start to think he’s just completely crazy, I can summon the parenting power of… the plunger!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Snap Shot of Awesome

Eighteen years ago today, I married the love of my life (after three years of being engaged).

We just got home from an incredible dinner at Flemings. We experienced a perfect meal complete with our first tomahawk steak and the kind of conversation we've perfected over the last couple decades. We chatted about what we did well and what what we messed-up over the past year and what we wanted for the future.

It was delightful. I'm still full and happy and all tingles :) I'm also quite content with my summer job at Lindamood-Bell where I'm appreciated and making a difference.

Last week, Andrew took an ambulance trip to the ER where he spent eight hours with mysterious chest pain.

Aside from that freaky incident which is mostly resolved, he's been blissfully happy both in Colorado and at Boom.

Cameron has been at camp in California for the last week and is coming home tomorrow. He traveled alone. He starts his freshman year of simultaneous high school and college in six weeks (at fourteen years old).

Overall, life is pretty awesome.