Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scuba Diving!

I think the most exciting hoopla recently has been Cameron participating in this program at The Monterey Bay Aquarium:  He had his first scuba diving experience, used up a full tank of air and let me know first thing upon coming out that he was awesome :)

And doesn't his expression say it!
I think someone was feeling proud of overcoming sensory challenges… like breathing through a regulator that nearly stopped him at the start.  I love the look! The sensory issues can be so heartbreaking to see and so limiting; breakthroughs mean so much. That look, that self-evaluation is real fuel for future effort and it made me just teary happy!

Cute antics:

• after I'd made some comment about his dad mis-planning sometimes too, "Even Dad?  Dad is one of the most prestigious people I know! (It turned out he defined prestigious as someone who does things well and doesn't procrastinate :) )

• "Mom sure does know how to insult.  My that's sure not true!" (I commented that Andrew was frustrating during some playful teasing and this was Cameron's attempt at joining the banter.)

• pausing his playing of the musical "Jekyll and Hyde" to comment, "There's nothing good about being a prostitute." I asked why and he replied, "You don't get an iPad."  Not wishing to insult, I didn't laugh, but when I mentioned that they might actually have an iPad now a days, he said, "Well, you don't have a house."  When I mentioned that they might have that too, he put on the full melodramatic voice and told me "Well, they might get sick and… die!"
(Okee dokee, he's got me there!  I'm always in for surprises.  Never did I expect that line of reasoning?!?!?)

• commenting, "Dad is more of a king than I am and I am more of an intrepid explorer."

• "I can't believe that I forgot!"
(Me: Forgot what?)
"That I am magnificent!"
(Once he noticed I was making a note for a cute antic he added, "Be sure to add an exclamation point.)

• after I noticed the finger eating and gave a friendly point at his fork he informed me, "I don't mind eating like a brute." 

• describing what his occupational therapist's exercises were doing, "You were waking my pieces up, my lovely Ms. Mary!"

• Conversation:
Cameron: You're young for an adult.
Me: Oh? What's old?
Cameron: 50
(Very matter of fact, as if I should know these things.)

• "Don't just yank off my pants!" (Ah the days when I could notice a pair of pants needed to go to Goodwill and just give a playful tug seem to be gone.  Apparently, he's opposed to exposing legs to Mom anymore.)

• informing me, "I have enough money to buy a ring for my fiancĂ© in a few years." (Oh?  It was a hypothetical fiancĂ© and the focus was on the ability!)

• describing how he conquered a challenge in an iPhone game… he really really wanted to tell me every detail and when he paused for breath he added with flare, "So I simply used my brilliant mind and…" (I'm afraid my Mommy brain didn't follow the details of his conquest, but he sounds a bit like The Great Brain in his confidence!")

• Cute antic when my child wants the computer:
Cameron: Lovely mommy of sweetness, will you have mercy on your poor son?
Me: Poor son?
Cameron: "I'm trying to make you laugh so that you'll let me use the computer and have fun."
Well… it worked, but he had to wait for me to type up this cute antic.

• describing a story, "One time he managed to escape and one time he managed to die."

• getting well trained by the neighborhood dog who came to visit while he was doing his chores, "Well, I had to do something. So, I went over and got my frisbee."

• Story:
Last weekend, he had decided to make a cursive p in a way that added a second loop and was refusing to acknowledge a reminder.  He looked at the youtube video I pulled up and insisted that that was just one way to make a cursive p and he could do it differently. He got very upset, but I chose not to fight the battle at that time.
This weekend, at breakfast, he was just quietly contemplating and said:
"I should have just listened to you and I would have been done much better."
"I spent a lot of time arguing with you about things that you turned out to be right."
"Why didn't I just agree with you? I know that you're much smarter than I am and you're usually right."

There are times when staying quiet for a bit can be quite shocking!  We had a nice, meaty family chat after he came out with that triple punch of musings!

• My Facebook post:
One of his speech therapists told me years ago that I should write a book entitled "My quotable son." Here is the latest of his wisdom, now that he's reached the ripe old age of nine, "I'm very fastidious about my dirty feet."
Note: I think the idea was that he should be allowed to keep the layer of dirt atop his feet as an expression of his explorer spirit.  Well, I pick my battles. I don't fight over backwards clothing, but inside out is too much. General dustiness is expected, but a dark layer means  Mom will point him to the tub before sharing close proximity... or proximity to her things like the ever tempting computer!  Only having a sister, perhaps I suffer from inexperience with little boys who sometimes seem like a slightly different species :)

• And a cute antic for the parents of this child… My Facebook status:
Mommy win.
I didn't lose it when my kiddo scraped the coffee table across the floor for the third time in a row!
After taking a deep breath...
I could see it was clear he was upset with himself and really just forgetting as he listened to music class.
I flipped over the table.

Andrew Miner You can readily imagine a wrathful Rachel overturning furniture in a hulk-like rage, can't you?

Rachel Miner Hey, hey, hey! You know I was calm when I flipped the table... the losing it after the third repetition though was a near miss!