Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Latest Forest Stroll Theme... Purple Flowers!

Of course, I begin by stepping out of my little, yellow house at the bend of the road and looking up and being filled with sunshine:

Ah... and then I set out and see what forest wonder captures my delight on the particular day. I'd already met Creeping Myrtle / Periwinkle (although for quite awhile I had it mis-identified as Mountain Laurel). Now, I'm quite certain of this lovely ground cover and I've learned all sorts of crazy things about its magical uses in the process!

I was delighted with this little one and almost thought it was Hound's Tongue, but the leaves were too far up the stem. I searched a bit more and found these are Forget Me Nots. So pretty.

Then I was presented with two that I didn't know at all.

I'm pretty sure this one is Wild Geranium, Cranesbill and...

... that left this one to perplex me. I'm getting nowhere. I shall ask my plant wisemen/wisewomen for help. 
Doug says, "Four petals in an X-shape always means Mustard family! (Violets typically have at least five petals.) This one looks like one that goes by a lot of different names; one I've heard is "Sweet Rocket." Scientifically it's in the genus Hesperis, I think. It's probably a magenta variety of this species:"

Finally, I turn around at the oak forest (with the white fence below)... this walk has been enchanting me for years now, yet I always find something new to enchant me further :)