Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Not so wobbly

A crazy, hectic week, but... things are coming together!  The moving idea isn't quite so new and startling.  I've had the juggling challenge this week of getting ready for a massive garage sale and keeping the house in some semblance of order for prospective buyers.  Lots of hot and sweaty days hefting boxing and sorting through piles of junk, um, valuable stuff I mean :)  It's amazing how your perspective changes when you want to de-clutter!  

Other things to share:
Brilliant guy lays out some key economic issues!

Cute antics:
• climbing up, past where he was supposed to, at children's therapy center, jumping into the pillows, and then:
Therapist- I was scared.  Were you scared?
Cameron- No. It was a great acrobat performance!
• chucking his glasses in the sink (A bit of a surprise for me when I came across them under a plate while loading the dishwasher.)
• recommending bad chess moves, "Want to trade a queen for a pawn?"
• declaring gleefullly, "I got kentucky!" (loving a new iPhone game where he stacks the states) 
Me: You're my little boy.
Cameron: I'm nobody's little boy.  Yes, I am an orphan you know.
Me: Oh?  What happened to Daddy and me?
Cameron: You died in a car crash.  Luckily, I had a rope tied on so I didn't die.
(????  Well, I'm doing pretty well for a walking corpse!)

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