Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sea Ranch

I love this place!  I've been visiting since I was a little kid and just speaks to a place of deep happiness within me :)  So, some pictures of our latest family vacation along with the latest cute antics!

• "You seem to be doing that through a fit of oomphs."  (Andrew kept hugging me while I was talking.)

• after my birthday breakfast in bed, "Want a Lego carrot? Remember this is my only Lego carrot.  It's a memory of me."

• singing the birthday song with a formal, "dear mother"

• providing an hour-long running stream of reading the road signs including pronouncing MPH as "mufup"

• commenting on the restaurant soup, "They made it just right for my standards! If I had twenty bowls of it, I'd eat it all!"
• picking up my use of "dear" for Andrew and using it complete with an exasperated tone whenever his dad is doing something silly, "Deeeeeear, stop tickling me!"

• informing me, "I think taxes should be a dollar and there are a lot of people so that should be enough."

• responding to his dad's metaphor that a good essay was like the ceiling in that you can't see the seems with, "You can't just make it all endless sentence with ands and stuff!"  (Guess he got the teaching about run on sentences and he did, eventually, get the point about transitions too!)

And a joke that Andrew found that had me really laughing:

Descartes walks into bar
The bar tender says, "Want a beer?"
Descartes says, "I think not."
Poof.  He vanishes! 

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