Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family Photo

Taking family pictures is always a challenge.  Cameron particularly dislikes the posing and smiling repetitively which leads to lots of photos of him looking miserable.  We've had lots of discussions about this too and things are getting smoother... we even got a decent photo this year!

Aside from a photo, I have the latest cute antics to share:

• referring to the way he's catching up to me in Chess as similar to the way India's faster growth rate sets it up to catch up with America in wealth (This kid definitely thinks in historical terms all the time!)

• helping me bake cookies, adding the teaspoon of salt, and then dropping the spoon right into the bowl of the spinning mixer without any pause.  (He was surprised at my yelp, but I got the mixer off and the snapped, plastic spoon removed before our cookie dough was filled with little plastic bits!)

• informing me there were four quarts in a galleon (um, that would be gallon, but what a hysterical visual)!

• not liking the results of a request, he asked "Can I change it to opposite day?"

• coming home saying that his teacher was better at everything and the substitute was like a "dictator of the classroom"!  (We had a chat comparing different teaching methods that lasted a good half hour, but it's cool that he thinks his teacher is the best!)

• spurring a delightful exchange when I posted to Facebook, "How does my child cross the road? Guesses? I'll give you a couple hours and I promise a chocolate bar if anyone guesses!"
The list of guesses was hysterical and then I finished off the story:
Rachel Miner During our latest trip to the coast, I saw my child walk back on the opposite side of the street. I was curious; the rocks he likes to climb on are, of course, next to the ocean. He told me he crossed the road in an usual way. How does my child cross the road?
Underneath! Through the storm drain!

• walking into our downstairs bathroom and exclaiming, "Wait a second, this is a half-bath!"  (Um, we've lived here 9 months?!?!)

• giving a high five by clapping his two hands around the person's held up hand

• telling the tester who had the answer key on the desk, "Don't let me see that!  I know it's the answers!"

• correcting our good bye of "have a nice day" after looking outside and seeing it was dark, "Have a nice rest of the day, because the day has practically passed."

• listening to The Hobbit on his iPad (keeping it near his ear walking to and from the car and carrying it around the house too!)

• while we were rough-housing, "Pardon me, I'm escaping."

• also while we were rough-housing, "But you can't do it that long!" (Win at rough-housing.)

• groaning, "Daaaaaad! You exaggerate me!"  (Um, he meant exasperate.)

• when I added that there was no meowing while I was reading out loud to him, he responded with, "Moo!"

• spelling dwarves "duvres"… um, that's one problem with so many audio books!

• after I was thoroughly exasperated post multiple episodes of whining, melt downs, and rudeness, I pointed out some of the facts and asked Cameron what he thought might help someone feel better in such a situation.  He sighed, "All right.  You can take ten dollars from my bank account."
(I couldn't help laughing at the unexpected response!  I didn't think I had a laugh in me at that moment, but he found one. It's not like he's ever been charged for immaturity, but he must have thought ten dollars would make me smile.  I went for a hug.)
His major chore is to load the dishwasher.  I did it on Andrew's birthday so they'd have more father-son time together.  I asked Cameron what he heard and, when he noticed the dishwasher was going, he said, "My mother's kindness warming my heart."  

and another…
Cameron loading the dishwasher going from singing Pirates of Penzance to the Can Can!
(This kid needs so many constructive outlets!  We decided a long time ago the home furniture was not a battle worth fighting (obviously different rules in others' homes.)  I was surprised when he even tried the items at the end, but it's impressive how "no words" can work as a tool if the kid already knows!  He really has made huge developmental strides and he's getting there, but regulating is hard for him!)


  1. Cute pic! I love the "meow" vs "moo" part! =D

    1. Thanks :) I'm enjoying your kiddo pics on facebook :)