Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chess Champ

Cameron has really been enjoying his chess club and is now getting into tournaments!  He won his group in the third tournament and was properly proud of himself :)

Cute antics:
• offering hugs with wide open arms and a declaration, "Huggins!?!?"  (That's been going on for at least a month and it's cute as long as it's not too often and not knocking you off balance.  "No thanks" is often not an answer he waits to hear.)

• asking Daddy, "What are you doing?"
Daddy: "Standing."
"Daaaaaaaaad!  Why do you give the vaguest answers!"

• tip toeing around the house one morning!!!!  That is huge that he remembered to close his door quietly and step quietly when his dad was still sleeping, WOW!  I gave him a high five and mentioned that I noticed.  He informed me, "It's good to tell people you notice."

• taking the initiative to properly pronounce the th sound and being quite pleased with himself as he emphasizes it, for example, he'll say he is going to the bath-room.  He's making it a new habit though and referred to paper clips as "thin things" without any extra emphasis.  (It's been nagging at every speech therapist that interacts with him since it's well beyond normal for that mispronunciation.)

• playing lego Creationary and guessing buildings, he yelled, "Chateau D'if"!  (I don't think they'd try for something that specific in a Pictionary-type game, but we all laughed at the Count of Monte Cristo reference!)

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