Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Young Man Turns Eleven

I’m sitting on my little upper deck.  The late morning sun is warming me.  Every breeze starts a shower of redwood needles and the bigger breezes sound the wind chimes below too.  Occasionally a Stellar’s Jay rasps or a swallow veers past or an Acorn Woodpecker flaps to the next tree.  Yesterday, my kiddo turned eleven.  As dearest Hagrid would say, “It’s not every day that your young man turns eleven!”  He’s grown so much this year.  Sometimes, he’s still very emotionally young compared to his peers.  But, it’s not a race and I’m so heartened by the times when he’s not stressed or overwhelmed and then I see so many little, thoughtful actions.  My young man is growing in maturity and perspective-taking; when I pause, like I am at this moment, I can just feel such joy and appreciation for this moment, for where he is, and for the pleasure of being there with him as his mom.

His party was a boosting of the usual Friday play date.  Each Friday, I bring foam, pool noodles.  The kids descend upon me, drop their back packs, grab a noodle, and run into the adjacent park howling battle cries.  The parents hang out at the park benches and have some kind of snack ready for rapid refueling when the warriors take their brief breaks.  Yesterday, I had mini pumpkins for them to decorate and helium balloons to attach.  Birthday cake and berries and presents added enjoyment for Cameron, but the pauses from the rambunctious play were still fairly brief.  It was happy and low key and the first party he’s had in years.  Except for last year (two friends coming over for a playdate that happened to include extra sweets), he’s vetoed anything more than family pampering since he was around seven years old.  Yesterday, he was a gracious birthday boy and enjoyed celebrating with both friends and family.  He was ready to find pleasure in that experience and it was delightful to be there with him.  With all the bumps and challenges acknowledged, I do relish this parenting, growing-with-my-child process.  Here’s to Cameron… “Oh, the places you’ll go!"

Park battles

Lining up for the balloons

About to blow out the candles

Checking out presents

Quick pause for Mom to take a picture (blinking some dirt out of the eye)

Dad getting in some noodle play too
... and one from last week's play date.  Tractor-top is just one of the places he'll go.
Here's to Cameron, my spunky, spirited, vivacious, caring son.

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  1. Well "yesterday" was the end of the celebrating. His birthday was Friday, October 10th. The whole weekend has been lovely.