Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Card and Letter 2014

This year I'm going for the smoother idea of placing our holiday letter online... lots less folding and stuffing.  Here's wishing all our friends and family a glorious holiday season!

Card (click to see larger):

Letter (click to see larger, text below):

Letter Text:

Hello to all our friends and family,
Last year's theme was "we settled” both among the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains and among the social settings of work / school.  This year’s big adventure was Andrew founding his own start-up, Redwood Labs, and working on bringing his product vision to  life with Graffer.  It’s not there yet, but he gave himself from March 2014- March 2015… we’ll report!  We also welcomed a guide dog puppy, Tracker, to our home from February - November.  He’s back at the guide dog school in training, so we’ll have his outcome to report on in 2015 too!  Now, let us embark on this year's holiday quiz and see how  well you've been keeping up :)
1. This year Cameron turned:
a) eleven and celebrated by fighting pool noodle battles at the park
b) 111 and reminisced about the Model T
c) 1111 and regaled us with tales of his life as a knight templar

2. Andrew left Groupon, began his start-up and:
a) received his yellow belt in a Korean martial art
b) continued his passion for Minecraft building
c) attending the weddings of two close friends
d) tackled the supreme challenge of teaching Cameron both debate skills and proper handwriting
e) decided he hates MINI Coopers or all of the above

3. Cameron has thrived in fifth grade at Vine Hill Elementary and spent time outside of school:
a) advancing to intermediate level gymnastics… boy that boy can flip! 
b) cultivating a passion for Minecraft and Civilization V (video games) and putting his body underneath the guide dog puppy (I must have a hundred pictures of that because he always finished with the demand, “Take a picture!”)
c) passionately listening to audio books, especially the “Eragon” series and “Lord of the Rings”
d)learning how to ride a bike for the first time and trying out scuba diving a second time
e) attending his first overnight camp for two weeks or a through e

4. The Miner Family took a:
a) cruise to Hawaii for holiday relaxing, car ride to Sea Ranch for our annual spring treat and flight to Connecticut for family visiting
b) kayak on the Santa Cruz bay because visiting a kelp forest up close is super cool and sea others super cute
c) break for unscheduled family time for two weeks this holiday season, or a through c

5. Rachel relished parenting, taking an online art class, visiting the ocean with every grocery visit, and extra fun with: 
a) visiting one friend to help with her new baby and being a giddy passenger with another friend who is an awesome, new pilot
b) experiencing her first ride on a gaited horse… so thrilling!  
c) finally getting into using her audible subscription to enjoy tons of literary treasures
d) raising that wonderful guide dog puppy who’d better graduate because she demands  happily-ever-afters for everyone this year or a through d

Happy Holidays

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