Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Monday, January 5, 2015

To the White Fence and Back Again

I was having a rough time on Christmas Day for reasons that I'll get to at some point in the future.  I took a walk.  It's a walk we take often.  It's called, "to the white fence and back again."  It's not a very inventive name.  It goes from our house, to the white fence, and back.  In case I haven't made it clear how much I love living in the middle of the Santa Cruz mountains, I wanted to share pictures from this favorite walk that I took that day.  It is deeply nurturing to wind through the varied forest from the peace of a mountain road.

Starting out, the redwoods hug the road.
They're very tall and create such lovely upward vistas.
The first deciduous tree has vibrant, orange bark that the camera doesn't show well.  It is an almost surreal contrast.
More varieties mix in and begin to overarch the road
And completely overarch it as I reach the beginning of the white fence
And finally the end and turn around
And start homeward.
There are trees on their sides with moss glowing in the sun
and two of my favorite trees, giant redwoods with one reaching out a root around its neighbor; I've dubbed them the snuggle trees.

The road winds on through the beauty
Until I reach home 
And go back into its warmth.

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  1. So happy! It's been a long six months, but as of today the life-threatening, medical challenge that one of my parents faced it considered fully in remission. It's lovely to look at this post made at such an anxious time and know that time is past! :)