Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Taub-Miner-Millington Holiday Update

I haven't posted one of my weekly updates in awhile and this one was full of fun pictures, so, here goes!


Hello everyone,

Of course, the big doings of the past two weeks have been the annual Thanksgiving, Hanukah, family-photo gathering :)

I think it’s the last time we’ll take the Mini Cooper to Sacramento though… after the three hours Cameron, who is now roughly 5ft 4in, stated, “Comfortable?!?! Comfortable is a distant memory!"

I got to visit with my sweet niece...

and nephews.

As challenging as it is for him, Cameron mostly tolerated the family photos!

After this note to a friend, I wound up nostalgic enough to make the first trifle I’ve done in about ten years. So, we had a bonus extra dessert before the holiday:

Rachel Miner Have you ever tried a trifle? They take about eight hours. You make the pound cake and then the custard and then the syrup and then whipped cream and, of course, you pick a theme like coffee (kahlua) or almond (amaretto) or hazelnut (frangelico). And you layer all the cake-y, custard-y goodness so that the flavors blend into each other over the night and are ready for a topping of fresh whipped cream of the matching flavor the next day that results in an ecstatic richness of cascading, heavenly glee... um, I think my repressed baker is rumbling. Oh dear.

I found the perfect snuggle bug when waiting for migraine meds to kick in :)

We lit candles and ate latkes!

We opened lots of presents and Cameron loved getting his own copy of Calvin and Hobbes!

Did I mention nice snuggles?

Andrew made the most heavenly potatoes of all time and I, um, supervised the bowl licking :)

Cameron taught some of his favorite iPad games to his older cousin. And, my dad found a cool new game for adults + Cameron called "Letter Tycoon”.

We ate… lots! There’s no way I could cover all the goodness, but it was an amazing combination of efforts.

We’ve had a chilly week back and it’s been perfect for fires and games :)
FB:I love that moment when the fire really catches and the wood stove starts dispelling the chill from a cold evening ❤️

FB: Have you ever noticed that when you look at the sun with your eyes closed as your eyelids warm you can see a shimmering cherry red or vibrant burnt orange color? I'm not sure if it's some kind of infrared trick firing your optic nerve or if it's actually some kind of visual image of the inside of your warmed eye lid... but, it's breathtakingly beautiful. I believe I've mentioned my forest love before... so besotted :)

Cameron attended his first class to become part of the “Storm Team” (Student teachers in the younger classes… he’ll try being an aid for the first time on Tuesday.)

FB: My reward! I worked hard today and now I'm going to play games with my boy in front of the fire and happily ignore the to-do list... it'll always have more; this is party time!!!❤️🎉😄

Here’s to cozy times at the end of a long day,


P.S. More pics from the photo shoot… it really went well! We even got to tickle Cameron and capture his classic love-the-frustrating-parents face!

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