Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Moving Updates


Hello everyone,

The moving hoopla is in progress and of course Thanksgiving holiday and family photos took place too… this is a big one covering the last two weeks with “good things” and pictures!

Good things:

Great IEP mtg. Transfer to the Colorado school should be smooth!

Andrew was not hurt by catapulting over the front of his horse
The beach and sunset and ride were lovely

Ah, pretty sky… packers at the house all Monday.

We left the packers hard at work to go to Cameron’s final social-skills group where they had a little party and gave him this poster-card.

I’m sitting on the porch and the adirondadk chairs are still here… I was going strong all morning, so my legs are tingling all the way to my toes
Cameron took Tracker on a long walk
The 1-2 bars on the deck is working for some mellow email use as the movers do their best.
We’ve got at least six more hours until the movers are done and we still have to load the car, but we’re at the end of decisions. All we’ve got left is load and leave. That’s a relief!
I got some good selfies with Sai on Sunday:

Movers come with three small trucks instead of one big one if you live on this kind of road!

Lots of time hanging out… the original estimator wasn’t accurate, so the moving crew was understaffed

I answered a friend about how this move felt different:
“This does feel like a different move than I’ve ever done before. I really felt like I found my spot. Perfect nature and people and settled and safe. So, it’s feeling harder and I think I’ll miss it longer. I don’t particularly miss Washington or Connecticut or Kansas outside of particular people, but I shared so much of parenting my son with these mom-friends and so much of love and learning with these chorus friends, that the friendships feel different here too. So, we shall see how things settle in CO in six months… I’ll get to update you in person! "

Andrew and C spent time playing a game called Ninja that they both enjoy

It was easily a twelve hour day… getting empty, but still piano and boxes inside.

Petting in the dark on the deck, these two did great.

We made it to my parents’ house at bedtime. It was nice to walk to the river with Mom and my niece the next morning.

Family picture day!  
I got several pictures of Cameron looking down at me and hopping around rocks before we got started.

The official photos 

My sister took a few pictures as we were walking back to the cars of me and her kiddos

Leatherby’s ice cream after the family photos is now the tradition and Cameron easily completes the Daddy Daves and gets his picture on the wall:

Thanksgiving feast (minus the littlest one who was sleeping). It was yummy!

Amazing lunch restaurant discovered with Andrew plus a rainbow! (Thank you to Linda Cordair!!!)

I’m lying down for a nap… ooo, ahhh

My sister’s family got headed back to Santa Barbara OK

Cameron has been so much more mature with his cousins. Wow!

Looking like a gentle week of school and computer work will leave us with everything ready for the drive.

Andrew got to the hotel in Colorado in one piece... what a saga [And, his first few days of work have been great!]

Watched “Scrooge” and got to see the origin of the new song for the chorus. It started great, but it has a really bad premise that got Cameron mad.

Mom won Monopoly!

Walking the American River with Mom… she does love to take pictures.

Got C unstuck with science and algebra… homeschool joys

Mani/pedi decadence with my mom

Fun seeing the Toastmasters club that Mom created so vibrant and nurturing

And… that’s it! Tomorrow, I’ll head back to our home to camp out for one night so I can sing in this event:

As soon as this event is over, Cameron, Tracker, and I will start our drive to Colorado. The hotel for the first night is already booked about a hundred miles into the drive.

Happy holidays and travels and transitions,



Hello everyone,

As far as temporary housing goes, this place has been pretty cozy! We close on the new place tomorrow and move in Saturday. I think that’s close enough to say this will be our new address:

6154 Belmont Way
Parker, CO 80134

In general, Cameron has had some challenging days of catching up on school with all his routines messed up… it’s been hard for him to cope and I’ve born the brunt of that distress. I’ve been working really hard to find him a new martial arts home. So far, he’s liking a Jiu Jitsu place and a Krav Maga place… we’ll see what wins. Andrew has been learning and loving Boom with intensity. I’ve been dealing with the homeschool bumps and kid and dog care and trying to be gentle with myself. I also have been seeking lots of nature. It lets me grieve in a way that feels therapeutic because things make me smile too. It’s just that smiles ache right now instead of feeling sparkly light.

OK, this is another huge one of good things and pictures because… we drove 1300 miles and moved! That’s a wee bit unusual.

Smooth drive from my parents’ house back to our empty house… doesn’t this pic say it all! C is chilling in the windowsill because there isn’t furniture, yet for now all is good in his world.

I did my last errands in Santa Cruz and got weepy for the first time in a week… Thanksgiving was so full of family time and smiles.

FB: One last set of surreptitiously non-ocean-centered errands in Santa Cruz... look at that glow across the waves and on the ice plant too❤️ So enchanting. I know I’ll fall in love with Colorado, but that journey starts tomorrow.

Ready for the night

Jingle Bell Tea was awesome!

I was a great hippo!

Then my friend showed up and wanted to be the hippo for the second seating of the tea… no problem!

Of course, things got a wee bit emotional after the clean up was done and it was time for good byes.

Cameron said he got super enthusiastic because he knew he wouldn’t be able to later

I’m heartbroken, but safe… 111 miles from the Jingle Bell tea at a grungy hotel. It well went. I had tear streaks through the rouge though by the time I got here. If one can get dehydrated from crying, I came close today. Oy!

Driving… driving… driving…

I arrived to find roses strewed about the room and my sweet husband giving me a glass of wine, picking up Indian take-out, and unpacking the car for me. Huge!

Love the roses

I found this pretty park with a series of lakes and bridges and lots of Canada Geese that reminded me of UConn… careful stepping! I got a ton of errands done first though before this lovely pause.

FB: I find it intriguing that my feelings of sadness and loss have no aspect of depression. I'm happy; it's just so much harder to sparkle and so easy to cry. So, I'm trying to cultivate gratitude. Yes, I ache when I watch something like this now instead of feeling buoyant, but I think it's a process of finding new loves and new roots. 

Getting into a bath at 3:30pm and Andrew is going to drive C to his next place for a martial-arts-home search, so it’s pjs and peace tonight!

Got the holiday card ordered:

Found another pretty spot and got an annual park pass

Here’s to a week with lots of lovely discoveries,



Hello everyone,

What a week! We’re in the new house. There are boxes everywhere and we’re swimming in packing paper and Andrew’s birthday is tomorrow (as is Cameron’s final day with the California, online, charter school) and Andrew's parents arrive Monday and… I’m kind of chill. It’s surprising. But, there are hundreds of boxes and dozens of broken house-things and I’m cool just plunking away. Exciting! Perhaps this will be the last week of huge updates… it seems like things should be settling down?

Before good things, I have a special good thing. I’m not as sad and weepy, but during that time people said some truly precious things to me. What kind of wonderful friends do I have to be so treasured. Here are some of the good things I’ve heard recently:

You will find your niche, I can't imagine you not flourishing.  Joy follows you around like a puppy.

You have a wonderful, adventurous life, Rachel. And people will love you wherever you go. 

It is a process. You will sparkle again. You can’t help it. It is in your nature. I was reminded this evening while chatting with a grandmother transplanted from Scotland that blooming where we are planted is really all we are meant to do in life. Everything else is extra.

You find gems wherever you go. It’s what you do.

I will miss you and your smile and your lovely gentle spirit. 

I’m going to miss your face, your joyous soul, and generous heart.

Im so so sorry youll be leaving; youve been a real light to the chorus. Your enthusiasm and pure joy in being is so infectious.

You are the most loving ray of walking sunshine I have ever been blessed to know. I will miss you dearly.

I think those warm fuzzies speak for themselves. On to other good things:

Done with temporary housing… time to get all this stuff packed back in the car!

FB: On the way to the new house and listening to Mary Poppins! Sun is shining. Car is packed with everything from temporary housing. Movers arrived at new house and delivering. Time for a glorious day! 

The movers just pulled that giant semi-truck across the top of the driveway and worked all day!

FB: Ha ha, eating dinner with a serving spoon, surrounded by boxes, and my husband set up Phillip on my bed. Yes, we’re tiredπŸ˜‚

FB: Good morning, beautiful world❤️ I’ll admit that with a migraine brewing and coordinating homeschool transfer and unpacking and much more going on today, I feel like the Canada geese above me or the deer next to me have a seriously good point... run away or go back to bedπŸ˜‚ Onward!

Enjoying these funny deer who seem to think snuggling up on the lawn is no big deal (they even ignore Tracker)!!!

Cameron has gotten over the bumps with lots of facilitating. He should be able to finish what his current school requires for him to transfer as a straight A student.

FB: Well, the microwave is propped up on a pizza box and there are boxes and packing paper everywhere, just out of sight, but... hey, three-quarters-of-a-kitchen is progress!

If one has bud vases and the dozen roses are still perky as long as they have support… distribute!

Doggie is dealing with so many new things… it’s rare to see him curled up in the corner! Good thing he’s got a bed downstairs :)

It’s been a ton of work facilitating Cameron’s transfer to the Colorado online charter, but I’ve been successful with daily reports and discussions with his teacher team. This is a little science extra credit he did on figuring out the rates over the days of the drive:

Well, eventually I got that final quarter of the kitchen done, but that one room took three days of solid work! Scary! There’s roughly sixteen spaces that size left!

I did like completing the pantry!

Cameron says, “Krav Maga for the win! It’s so practical! This place is awesome!” I think we have a winner for his new martial arts home.

Hot tub repair guy pulled the controller and says we’ve got a great tub once the few parts are fixed. Chimney guy and piano tuner called.

Deer don’t seem to mind the second inch of snow we’ve had this week. Whenever startled, they were literally dashing through the snow all day.

It is lovely when the sun starts to warm the fresh snow

FB: Is it just not fair for the dog? Five deer comfy in his yard. [They did rest from dashing at times.]

I'm just home from the Boom office party with goodies for Andrew’s birthday breakfast tomorrow. I’ve been listening to Pirates of Penzance!

"Tarantara! Tarantara!
Go you heroes, go to glory!"

Here’s to a fun week,


P.S. Hysterical lyrics if you haven’t enjoyed them before:

Go, ye heroes, go to glory,
Though you die in combat gory,
Ye shall live in song and story.
Go to immortality!
Go to death, and go to slaughter;
Die, and every Cornish daughter
With her tears your grave shall water.
Go, ye heroes, go and die!
Go, ye heroes, go and die!
Go, ye heroes, go and die!

Though to us it’s evident,
Tarantara! tarantara!
These attentions are well meant,
Such expressions don’t appear,
Tarantara! tarantara!
Calculated men to cheer,
Who are going to meet their fate
In a highly nervous state.
Tarantara! tarantara! tarantara!
Still to us it’s evident
These attentions are well meant.
Tarantara! tarantara! tarantara!

Go and do your best endeavour,
And before all links we sever,
We will say farewell for ever.
Go to glory and the grave!
Go to glory and the grave!
For your foes are fierce and ruthless,
False, unmerciful, and truthless;
Young and tender, old and toothless,
All in vain their mercy crave.

We observe too great a stress,
On the risks that on us press,
And of reference a lack
To our chance of coming back.
Still, perhaps it would be wise
Not to carp or criticise,
For it’s very evident
These attentions are well meant.
Yes, it’s very evident
These attentions are well meant,
Yes, well meant;
Sergeant & Police.
Ah, yes, well meant!

P.P.S. Cameron’s extra credit questions that he answered at this level of detail in order to postpone writing an essay. Hmmm, how would you define his answer to question 5?
He was talking to himself about ten minutes before about the questions and then noticed I was listening. He went on for about ten minutes after this too discussing which characters he thought were more courageous and more deserved this award. We also talked about facing fears as maybe being part of courage even if you are still upset by teasing. I’m actually rather curious about reading this book, “Wonder”, now.

  1. August's dogs name is Daisy, who is small and friendly and is the only character that didn't survive the entire book.
  2. August and Summer named their table, the summer table, but for some reason they let jack join the table too making it more like the table for guys the other table mates approve of which is every table.
  3. August's  favorite holiday is Halloween because everyone wears a mask so nobody notices him which was how he overheard jacks opinion on what he would do if he were august.  
  4. August heard jack giving his opinion on what he would do if he were august,suicide. Though august was offended it was just an opinion, he honestly didn't think he would want to live in that state. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and it could even be considered praise that august lives through it. He also changed his mind later so even if one disproves of his opinion he later changed it.
  5.  August won the Henry Beecher Award for his Courage, Kindness, Friendship, and Character although he shouldn't have. He was most certainly not courageous. He was severely affected by an opinion that could be taken as an insult or a compliment. Even if one does consider it an insult he was born with his current features so by the time he got to 5th grade he should've been practically immune to any verbal attack. Olivia was used to being constantly secondhand to august since she was 5 so why would he, being constantly teased and bullied by almost everyone,  develop such a skill. By not doing that he showed that he wasn't very courageous at all and the only display of courage he had was by entering the school which doesn't count as he deliberately avoided it for years making it a point against him. If anyone was courageous it would be summer for going with the unpopular kid because he was funny and academically smart. The definition of kindness from the online New Oxford American Dictionary is "The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate." Admittedly he was friendly but his greatest display of generousness was letting his friends into his house and it wasn't a favor to them for him to let them be his friend because he was desperate for them and didn't have a backup friend. As for being considerate, his eating habits make it most considerate to eat alone and he never did. One might argue these points but one cannot argue that summer was extremely kind to him and all his friends the whole book. She was always friendly even to Savannah, who wasn't even her friend. She generously sat at his lunch table when nobody else did. She also never said anything offensive or did anything that anyone thought was mean the entire book demonstrating how considerate she was of even those she didn't like. As for Friendship at the time the book ended he had about 6 friends, the people who saved him from his own idiocy at the nature reserve, Jack, and Summer. Everyone else didn't tease him or play Plague anymore and generally thought he was a pretty good guy but they weren't his friends. They knew him as that nature reserve incident kid. In addition all his friends were friends with each other making them all have equal claimant to friendship. However someone else had yet more friends in fact Savannah had almost every girl in the grade as her friend and a bunch of jocks too. She was friends with way more people and so has the most friendship. Finally there is character. The online New Oxford American Dictionary as its most common usage definition of character is "The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual." Therefore everybody has character as nobody has all the same mental and moral qualities and another. When it comes to having good character Charlotte should win for character for the voluntary pubic service she did all year and for being more academically smart. August has two great qualities, his humor and his academic smarts. Charlotte is smarter as she won the academic sliver when august didn't win higher and is humor supposed to hold its own with all the virtues that come with voluntary public service, the answer is clearly no. Now who should get the award, Charlotte has great character, Savannah has great friendship skills, and summer is kind and courageous.  Charlotte doesn't have many friends, has never shown courage, and was only kind twice in the entire book.  Savannah hasn't shown courage either, wasn't kind to august, and has shown herself to be the image of the fake popular girl stereotype. Summer being kind and courageous had great, but not as great character, and has many friends but not as many friends. As Summer shows the most of her contemporaries traits as well as her own and that her contemporaries don't share her traits I believe she deserves the award. 

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