Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Settling In

We've been in the new house for eight weeks now and made lots of progress in settling in.  Most of the broken things are fixed except for the floor in front of the dishwasher which still sinks and seems like it wants to eat your toes :) That will get fixed with the first few improvement projects that we can afford to do now, so progress! Andrew is loving work and winter and this house!

I've been officially inducted into my new chorus and while I've got a ton to learn, they have been deeply warm and welcoming. Eventually, I'll manage to not get weepy whenever they're nice to me!

Cameron has earned his first stripe and is thoroughly enjoying his new martial art, Krav Maga.

He's also been settling in to this new online charter school and working through the bumps more and more smoothly.

The deer continue to make me smile as they trim the verge in all weather, take naps on the lawn, and glance at us humans without concern whenever we come outdoors.

Pretty sunset and...
 sunrise from our neighborhood.

We still have tons of tile samples and wood samples and leather samples around the house, but the empty living room will have furniture within the next month or two.

My epiphytes have withered in this dry climate. I'm going to try succulents.

The mason fixed the fireplace and...

... the plumber installed the stove that Andrew ordered.

It was snowing yesterday with such lovely, giant flakes and we had our neighbors over for the first time.  We chatted over wine and nibbles and it was so pleasant.  We're definitely getting settled.

Somehow fencing came up while we were chatting with the neighbors and Andrew brought down all his equipment to teach them about the different fencing sports. When he tried to put everything away this morning, the dog was all about trying to play tug or fetch with the stick being waved in the air. My wise husband didn't throw the sword for the dog! :)


  1. Good to hear.

    Teach your dog not to get within sight of the deer especially when they may have fawns hidden - natural enemies, deer can kill a dog with their hooves and agility. (They have a maneuver called 'stolting' in which they turn while jumping. Does often hide their fawns while foraging for food for both, they will protect the fawns even though you can't see them.) - says Keith in another land of urban deer, Victoria BC.

    1. Ya, we use a long leash and it's working great! Andrew almost had his childhood dog killed by being gored by a buck in rutting season.