Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Latest Update


Hello everyone,

The big news this week is that Andrew published a blog post coming out publicly as being bi:
That doesn’t change anything for us, but it was a big deal for him and a decision he’s been wrestling with for quite awhile.

Good things:
I’m still working on Italy plans… our favorite option doesn’t allow kids under 18 unless you do a private tour: 

Having a great time with Greek myths and my upper-elementary class of six boys. It’s also fun to have weekly video-chats with the teacher of all the other classes and the Literature At Our House coordinator.
(One day I taught from Boom and the industrial-strength WiFi made my online class so smooth! Kinda wish I could have that regularly!)

Fun brunch guests… they’ve been spending a bunch of time in Hawaii and brought me Hawaiian chocolate!

Here’s to lovely time with friends and family,


PS. I do daily gratitude practices, but I think I’m going do this for fun… here goes:

1. Pine… I’m really getting to enjoy the odor of the pines around my home.
2. My iPhone. The podcasts, the maps, the connection is so valuable to me.
3. Forest green. One of my wedding colors and one that always makes me feel soothed and smile-y.
4. Melted, Jalapeño Monterey Jack cheese. It makes such a decadent taste that I love!
5. My husband’s voice. It feels so loving :)
6. The deer all curled up on siesta around our house. They make me smile.
8. Atlas Shrugged
9. Home (wherever that may be)
10. Hawaiian chocolate
11. Thanksgiving / Hanukah / Christmas combo
12. Warm fuzzies
13. Singing
14. Doggie getting a tummy rub from my son
15. Autumn
16. Softness
19. Weekend snuggles
20. So many! Family, friends, chorus, neighbors…
21. Wonderful Day
22. Count of Monte Cristo
23. Havdala
24. Self-kindness
26. Music
27. Earplugs
28. Brunch with friends and Andrew sharing a fencing demo
29. All of them… especially my husband
30. Nurturing 

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