Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ski What?

Let's see, nice things to say about skiing.  It's pretty.  Snow is softer to fall on than cement.  Andrew loves it.  People who know what they're doing look so elegant, it's a joy to watch.  There are lots of people who know what they're doing.  There are even enough of them to toboggan those of us who don't down the mountain. 

Honestly, I was having a delightful time enjoying the scenery as I walked down the mountain.  It was snowing gently and so idyllic to stroll, even in ski boots.  I did understand Andrew's desire to get back to the slopes that weren't beyond my skill though when the staff offered a courtesy ride to expedite things.  So, after almost fifteen years, Andrew got me to go skiing with him this Saturday.  While puffy and colorful, none of my injuries are permanent.  I'm glad we shared this experience together and had further evidence of how marvelous our babysitter is too... how many teenagers are willing to be picked up at 6:15AM on a weekend?!?  

Other things to share:

This week's Objectivist Roundup:

Cute antics: 

• pronouncing Brazil, "Brayzil".  (Sounds like a country with lots of donkeys.)
• getting the saying not quite right, "If you've been to one, you've been to one."
• pulling from a movie again to greet me with, "Hey honey."
• and...
As I paused in listening to my history lecture, this is what came floating down the stairs to my ears, "For over a hundred years, steam engines have been used to power trains.  Coal is burned to heat water in a boiler.  Steam from the boiler moves pistons in cylinders."  (This kid just blows me away.  That was part of two hours of private, bedtime reading! I went to his school to help finish his testing and he's at least, 2nd -3rd grade level.)

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