Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Temper, temper

Tempering chocolate that is!  I gave it my first shot and it was fun :)
According to, "Tempered chocolate is the secret to professional chocolate products. Chocolate that has been tempered is smooth, with a shiny finish and a satisfying snap. If you're planning on making dipped chocolates or molded chocolates, the chocolate will need to be tempered so that it behaves properly and produces candies that are both tasty and beautiful."
A friend and I dipped until the chocolate cooled / thickened with thoroughly tasty results!

Other things to share:
This week's Objectivist Round Up:
An awesome video... love the fire finale:
A kid singing the national anthem with all the wiggles that I know Cameron would have:

Cute antics:
• continuing our discussion about becoming independent with, "First, I'll need to live in a cave."  (Ya, he really doesn't need to start with where human species was becoming independent, but he seems to think he can start there and make it to airplane engineer just fine.  We had a chat about how college can give you a boost past cave men.)
• responding to Andrew mentioning that cleaning the gutters had been on his list for a long time with, "Twenty five years?!?"
• informing me he had a preschool class in his room and then elaborating... they're invisible, only he can see them, there are 10,000 students, he's the king / teacher.  I walked into his room and he mentioned, "You stomped on two of my students."  That sounded bad until he added, "They popped back up."
• ditching Daddy to walk with Andrew's friend instead.  (Andrew responded by taking care of his friend's son, so it was an interesting child-switch hike!)
• sweet story:
I was going through the pictures, labeling away, and I came across one of my Grandma Joy.  Cameron was watching me writing and talking with me and he said, "I miss her."  I was a little surprised at the memory since he was a toddler when she died, and I asked him what he liked about her.  He said thoughtfully, "I laughed a little.  I giggled." 

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