Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, March 26, 2010

Parcheesi Play

I can't believe my kindergardener has become an avid Parcheesi player!  We also finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets together and he was enchanted with describing the whole wizarding  world to Daddy who played a good listener by being shocked at all the right times :)

Other things to share:
This week's Objectivist Roundup
Cute antic:

He definitely picked a variety for self-coloring!  He was gleeful to show me the art and especially wanted to make sure that I noted the orange toe nails!

and... I made such a pretty cake with my baking buddy that I'm posting the picture... those are homemade marshmallows on top!

Oh well, while I'm sharing pictures, I'm just reveling in the sparkly beauty of my amaryllis too!
I still haven't been able to catch the way the light glitters in the different cells of the petals, but it's really delightful.

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