Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Young Love

A nostalgic moment, Cameron's first sleepover!   While the grown ups chatted, it took the kids four hours of playing before they got tired enough to sleep (wound up needing separate rooms).    They were back to making mud nests, playing hide and seek, and spreading mayhem the next day.  I'm afraid Cameron even showed her his trick of climbing on top of cars!  

Other things to share:
This week's Objectivist Round Up 
Cute antics:
• putting all the glass marbles from a display into the pillow case (around the pillow) in our guest bed room. (Not sure what prompted that, but I'm glad I caught it before the guests arrived and started raining marbles in their sleep!)
• supporting his statement that Kindergarden was too easy with an exasperated, "He teached me what an esophagus is.  Too boring!"
• maintaining that he was born and then two minutes later he was four years old.   (My memory recalls a rather extensive interim there, but his doesn't!)
... and one from the Kindergarden helper that she emailed me!
• Thanks for sharing Cameron's delightly imagination and his anwer to a question I used to wonder about - why have kids?!  I've been wanting to share with you my favorite thing he says quite often:
When is very busy doing something and is asked if someone can join him or use something or any kind of sharing, it takes him a moment to break his concentration to answer but then almost always says in a sort of welcoming drawl, "Shore!" meaning sure.  It cracks me up the way he says it!  

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