Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I so love anticipating a surprise!  The funny thing is that my husband hates it.  So, when I want to do something nice for him, I have to just present a voila moment to make him feel loved.  He's learned that I love the tingling, delightfully agonizing curiosity of trying to figure out what's coming.  It's so important to have those chats about what makes your partner feel loved because it's often surprising!  Anyway, here are the latest clues (spread over several weeks) and I think I've figured it out! :)
I've said I want it.
Biggish, but carry-able
Coming from a not-long plane flight away
I've seen it in person
Not stone
Consumable, but it doesn't get used up
He won't be able to give it to me for a week after it arrives.  It won't be ready.  He'll need to leave it in Renton for awhile.
It's kind of fragile.
It's not alive.
It's not made of bronze or paper.
It didn't arrive on time, he needs to call Mrs. C.
It's not something you want to handle to often.

and other things to share:
The Objectivist Round Up.
A posture approach that intrigued me.
Cute antics:

• yelling  from upstairs, "This is news!  I'm confused! [Pause for effect]  How did the directions to my game get in my room?"
• remarking, "I didn't drive you up the wall yet!"
• coming downstairs with his footsie pajamas on backwards
• making me rather nervous when he declared with a grin, "I put a surprise in your bed!"  (Five books and a note that I should read them.)
• listening to the story of how his leg got stuck in the crib when he was a toddler, I told him I went to get a saw and he said, "So you could cut my leg apart?"

• responding to my comment that Mary Lenox in The Secret Garden thought she should be able to decide what other people do with, "She's not even a dictator!"
• insisting that we should cut off his legs and get him new ones that weren't tired from the hike. (He wouldn't believe that the nerves didn't reconnect with glue.)
• laughing conflicting instructions as Andrew tried to avoid pot holes, "Take it easy!  Get going!"
• deciding that water play naturally needed to be completed with a halloween hat!

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