Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anniversary Present

I've been married for ten years and romantically delighted for fourteen.  Happy anniversary to me!  And...

... Andrew got us a rather large present!

Other things to share:
A particularly cool podcast on Cultivating the Virtues
A very cool video on running in a way to prevent injury (although I'd never heard of the shoes).
Last week's Objectivist Round Up.  I hosted this week :)

Mondo Mega Cute Antics!

• commenting at 10:19pm when I thought he was asleep, "Actually, I've just finished the book after 'Mouse and the Motorcycle." (another 100+ page chapter book)
• rifling through our host's drawers for shorts (luggage in my room), picking some giant boxers, and walking around holding them up with one hand while insisting he didn't want to change clothes.
• reading the no-parking signs, he commented "Who in the heck wants their car to be towed away?"
• evaluating the fancy, cherry preserves my dad opened for him, "It tastes like cherries and dog poop... well, cherries and something terrible." (Tact?  Nope.)
• responding to my statement, "You know I like to squash little boys" with "I know you're pretty weird."
• postulating regarding something missing, "Maybe Graham secretly ate it." (His non-mobile infant cousin.)
• making suggestions to his aunt regarding her baby's sleep, "It's your choice, but I'd rather let him sleep if he's tired."
• coming out during his getting ready for bed time with the question,"Can I do the maze?"
"What maze?"
"The one in the magazine."
"Show me."

"Hmmm, what shape do you think that is?"
(He got it with reference to the bottom picture and, yes, he did the maze.)

• catching on to the trick of being told to look a different direction before a toss with trying to do the same thing back.  So, uncle says, "look at that!" and then gets a head start for the frisbee race.  Next round, Cameron laughs and laughs and tries the same thing.  (Subtle. So subtle.)
• asking, "Why are you including me?", hearing from grandma "Because you're so special and I love you so much.", and responding, "That makes sense."
• reminding me his visual acuity surpasses mine by stating, "You found no hobbit on Mt. Rainier."  (That would be a marmot, but he did spot it first :))
• noting as we waited for the correct train after ours broke down, "And they kept sending us trains that were useless!"
• random declaration, "Throw me out!  I want to be in the garbage for nine years. [Long pause] Just jokin."
• playing pipe jumping (gotta love construction sites)
• making me do a bit of a double take on my sanity... I'm not used to finding cups sticking out of the wall

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