Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A "Typical" Day

Just a fun, quick post about a "typical" day here.  It's in quotes because, like most homes with kids, they just keep changing!  It's really a good thing if we want them to reach independence, but it certainly gums up the predictability works :)

Breakfast of homemade yogurt and a scramble while each family member shared about 3 good things that happened yesterday and one thing we were looking forward to today.

We picked up for the new cleaner who helps with deep cleaning.

We changed our Mommy School curriculum today to be all around "Lord of the Rings".  If boulders were falling, I'd say, "What if 9+4 boulders fell?  How many came down?" If we were practicing Verbalizing and Visualizing, I asked him to draw a picture in my head of what his tentacled water creature looked like through detailed descriptions. Practicing writing?  No problem.  He wrote "Bilbo" beautifully and the password to the gates of Moria was "friend" so that was an easy one to practice non-phonetic spelling.

Cameron continued his new love of spinning coins while I read to him and brought me a knife to un-wedge the dime when he stuck it into one of our number blocks.  (These blocks are a tool recommended by this optometrist with lots of experience with sensory challenged kids.  You ask the kid to add a number less than six to any number and then have them picture the dice number to make it easier.  For example, if he was trying to add 9+4, he could picture the 4 dots on the die and count up 10,11,12,13.  It's supposed to be easier to keep track of the counting when visualizing the picture of the die.)

I snuck in a quick email scan during movie pieces of Lord of the Rings.  We went back and forth as we usually do with a higher difficulty book, watching what we had already read.

Tightened Cameron's swim trunks which he wore all morning.

Baked up some of my triple chocolate cookies. (I always give house helpers, including cleaners, some kind of sweet treat.

Read "Sadie and the Snowman" which was fun and spurred a whole coversation about how air in water looks white (crashing waves, snow).

Drove to the swimming lesson (listening to a Henry Huggins audio book) and watched Cameron do some good back stroke.

Talked all about the importance of being patient when driving. (We were running late and I like to share what I'm feeling and thinking in those kinds of situations so he knows about the choices i.e. not driving unsafely even though we're in a hurry.)

Picked up fresh vegetables from the local farm stand.

Dropped off / picked up books at the library.

Dropped off Cameron for 50 minutes at Children's Therapy Center where he works with an occupational therapist and a peer to get controlled, coordinated movement in a social situation.  (That's a challenge for him.)

Called to make a car service appoint and dentist appoint, plus researched an opera ticket for Andrew and chopped up veggies / started some soup bubbling in those 50 minutes.

Ate dinner with Cameron who decided he wanted some of my soup so I did an impromptu whip up of more.

Talked about opening other people's mail and privacy since we were curious about a letter my husband received.

Made coffee ice cream to restock the freezer supply. (It's one of the few flavors son and husband agree on and I've been humoring the son a bit more recently.  He wanted cinnamon or butter pecan again.)

Cleaned dishes and prepared my husband's dinner while Cameron watched cartoons for twenty minutes.

Laughed as our psychotic, neighborhood ice cream truck went by playing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

Sat down at my computer to see what was happening in the world (and posted my history teacher homework) in the 45 minutes before the babysitter arrived.

Went to Starbucks with my husband where we caught up with each other about the day and he ate dinner and then we went off to our joint voice lesson. 

Arrived home and finished typing this up. I'm ready to go upstairs and do some history reading homework before sleep.  (Slipped in making three new squares for Cameron's picture calendar before heading upstairs too.)

Just an ordinary day of bustling around and getting things done and I'm all smiles and, yes, ready to snuggle up with my book :)

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