Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cheery, Spring Flowers

It's been a lovely week with lots of basking in the sunshine, stuffing my nose in my hyacinths, and seeing the cheery yellow of my first daffodils.

Other things to share:
Cute antics:
• giving me examples of mistakes that grown ups make, he said "They wait too long for the bank so they get executed from their house." (I'm thinking the discussion of why we pay the mortgage made an impression, but the word "evicted" didn't stick.)
• making his voice all squeaky, he asked "Did I sound like Glados?"  (He had a huge grin and Andrew told me that Glados is an evil computer in one of the games.  Yep, I missed that reference.)
• the self talk from Halo, "I don't know why I perished.  He hit me with a pistol.  I hit him with a rocket launcher.  (Forgive me for snorting!  I've never been a shoot-em-up game lover, but I'm getting the impression I'm going to overhear a lot post-game processing.  I'm trying to get him into the habit of at least saying he beat competitors instead of killed them!)

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