Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Snuggly den times

Reading Harry Potter and tackling iPad games
Other things to share:

Cute antics:

• delighting in watching cat-chasing-laser videos!  I told him about it and he hooked me into at least 20 minutes of clips where he laughed hysterically.  (We watched them muted.)
• referring to the 'two of clubs" as the "two of clovers"  (excellent timing for St. Patrick's day)
• singing "Don't go for the one" to himself with gusto!  (It's one of Andrew's plucky, Irish songs about a guy who goes for "just one" drink and... it ends with a good laugh, but not for him: .)
• after listening to me ask Andrew where our son was and, when neither of us were certain, responding to my questioning call of "Cameron?" with an almost teenage drawl "Mudder?" (The kid mispronunciation with the exasperated tone was such a clash that it took Andrew and I five minutes to stop laughing.)
• asking "Are you executing the changing room?" (This was his response to the name change.  I explained that we call it the laundry room now, since he doesn't need diaper changes anymore.)

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