Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, June 17, 2011

Video Games

Video games have been on my mind this week.   The counselor was very persuasive in sharing her observations that kids on the autism spectrum who play lots of video games wind up getting more and more frustrated with social interactions because they find that rapid, immediate response of the games so much more positive and they want that kind of interaction.  Over the last few days, the video game thing seems to have really changed.  Instead of something that my kiddo would play and take breaks and enjoy as one of many activities, he's been obsessed with this game. One night, my husband found him sneaking down stairs twice around midnight and my kiddo said the game was making his eyes hurt but it was so fun he wanted to keep playing.  We've had lots of discussions all together and just as parents too.  I'm teetering on resetting a limit and concerned... we'll see.

Other things to share:
Watching White Christmas for the first time was a truly delightful experience.  If you've missed it, Netflix or buy or rent... soon!
 Cute antics:
• picking up a timer when he wanted me to be done chatting and setting it with the statement, "You have three minutes! [Dubious look from me.] Indeed so!"
• commenting on his game in a gleeful tone, "I've never had such a good time with bazookas."
• informing me after gulping, burping for twenty minutes intentionally, "I think I have a burping problem.  I think it's the guacamole dinner I had with Chris [over a week ago].  I didn't mean to start this symphony, so remember that when burping symphonies start. I can't help it.  Maybe it's allergies." (Boys?  Perhaps my memory is faulty, but I can't recall such activities among sisters.)
• requesting his chewable multivitamin with, "Even though you are not my servant, I really want my vitamins!"

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