Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, April 13, 2012


Early AM Facebook Status:

When the house shakes, it means a tree fell, and down will come decking, gutters and all.
I wish I were joking, but my attempt to fall back to sleep is failing. Well, we're all safe and it's already raining so I don't even need to worry about "It could be worse; it could be raining!"  This is definitely a laugh-out-loud and enjoy the positives period… I actually was laughing and wondering what next as I crawled back into bed… well rain is already checked off the list :)

Side note: After reading that, Andrew came in to snuggle and I got him laughing too.  We contemplated repulser field roofs, armor plating, and other giggle worthy items after being up since 4AM.

Update for the week:

Well, I'd say it's been a better week, but there's still been a hefty mix of good and bad.  We still love the woods, the stream, and the pleasant quietness of our new home.  Andrew has been tackling some thorny coding problems at work and succeeding.  I've been moving forward on home fixing / unpacking and playful parenting :)  Cameron is glad to tackle an array of monsters while racing around the deck and he's well into the second Percy Jackson novel.  As for bad news, we had some chilly nights as the upstairs furnace motor is dying (the inspector didn't even find the upstairs furnace) and the technician said it wasn't safe to run (hopefully it will get fixed today and it looks like the home warranty will cover it).  Unfortunately, we had more bad news with our most major issue… internet connection.  The high speed Internet technician said DSL is not possible for our home despite Verizon assuring us it was and selling us a plan.  Should we mention that we've discovered some floor damage, holes in the walls, and that yesterday's gutter estimator let us know the spouts are not connected to the drainage system underneath the house so that the water is currently undermining the pillars on which our house stands!  I consider it progress that I didn't cry at that pronouncement, but we're working on things one at a time and really are making progress.  I'm hoping that this will be the week we banish boxes to the storage area and garage only… hey, I can hope!

Other things to share:
• This week's Objectivist Round Up:
• a really heart warming video about a kid entrepreneur that has apparently been around for awhile, but I just saw it:
• catching up on my reading, this is a joke for any of my friends who keep up with the paleo community:
and these are some awesome videos posted by an e-friend

Cute antics:

• When not wanting to face that writing requires practice, he wanted to know why we wouldn't "just put that matter aside"

• making me a four page maze that had me winding to the conclusion through portals and lots of narrow caves :)

• hearing during his recorded history class "Julius Ceasar was the first emperor of Rome, but he wasn't.", Cameron declared "That's a paradox!" and then he went on to explain the basics of contradiction to me.  Woah!

After years of reading chapter books yet being baffled by Amelia Badelia, he finally gets her misunderstanding of idioms and laughs away :) 
This shows where the trunk took out part of the deck, but the roof damage will probably be the most expensive.  The insurance guy is here now.

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