Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The latest with the bumpy move...

I'm actually getting used to passing by the drop off down the hill due to our partially destroyed deck.  The estimate for the tree damage has come in at over $25,000 dollars, but it is covered by home owners insurance except for the $1,000 deductible and the work is starting Monday.  It's hard to imagine having an ordered house as the amount of work still to be done seems overwhelming, but I am making a bit of progress at a time and (once the repairs are made) having a garage will certainly help!  Cameron finished listening to the ancient history course and is now fired up to start on the European course because… he likes battles and violence.  His typing has continued to progress and we had fun with reducing fractions this week.  Andrew has been working so hard to find an internet solution, but… no luck yet.  He just returned the MIFI option today and will likely return the $600 of signal boosting equipment that he purchased too.  He's spending so much time and effort on it and hopes that a solution with a booster on a neighbor's property might give us a solid connection within the next couple weeks.  So, I'm traveling and lugging my computer for teaching.  Cameron has enjoyed the extra video time of coming with me, but he'll likely be starting at the local school sometime in the next week.  Cameron wants to check out the local schools, so the decision about next year will be the major one that we tackle over the summer.  We've been having fun, but the last two weeks of homeschooling has been far from systematic as we are spending so much time de-boxing :)  
Other things to share:
This beautifully researched and presented course on the constitution, even though I have some disagreements.
Andrew and I got new CA driver licenses and registrations with the usual amusing wackiness that the DMV involves… actually, my guy went beyond the norm of goofiness as he stared off into space and asked if his shirt looked expensive and wanted checks / ID dropped on the counter (not handed) and insisted on showing me his dream 31 million dollar home by swiveling his computer screen.

Cute antics:
• dictating a story about people on Venus, he kept calling them venus-welans (a person from Venus sounds sort of like Venezuelan in his universe).
• after he had mastered reducing fractions, his dad commented that it got much more complex with reducing polynomials and did a quick example to which Cameron answered, "To me, that seems intense."
• giving me the compliment, "You are a good dictator!"   (Um, he meant that I take good dictation.)
• as he was catapulted in the air after sitting on his dad's legs, "This sofa seems to have springs!"
• as I joined the couch snuggling and his dad grabbed his toes, "Mom, get off!  Dad is using the toe insult!"

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  1. Wow. That DMV guy is begging to be a tertiary character in a story.