Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching Up

I think this start to my last update says it all and... explains why I can finally return to this blog!  I'll also catch up on the cute antics :)

"Hip hip, hooray!!!  We have internet!!!  On Fathers Day, we took our parents on FaceTime tours around the house and had video chats too!  It's so glorious to have all the glories of internet at home!!!  Cameron can do the online typing programs and Kahn academy!  I can do my classes next year!  Andrew has the option to work from home!  We are so thrilled to have that huge challenge addressed :)"

It was very cool to watch the tree climber go over 100 feet up to scale one of the redwoods, but he wound up needing to put the receiver on a neighbor's property.  

Cute antics:
• when Andrew did something loud, Cameron said, "That made me feel meek and week!"  I said, "I don't believe it, there's nothing meek about you." [Pause]  Cameron reply, "I know."
• replying when I handed him his flosser, "You are very thanked for your slave acting deed." (I think that was meant to acknowledge that I'm not a slave and didn't have to help.)
• hearing him call from afar, "Where are you?  I'm in the attic!"  (?!?!?  He apparently took advantage of the ladder when the internet installer was here.)
• announcing as he walked toward us with a watering can, "I'm feeling very mischievous!" (A few comments on likely consequences convinced him to water the forest.)

• coming in after running up and down the driveway for a half hour sporting his colonial hat, foam shield, and lego pistol with the announcement "I'm changing into military clothes!"  [After rummaging upstairs for five minutes, he changed out of shorts and sweatshirt and returned to declare.]  "Matching colors!"  (He clarified that matching colors, in this case navy shirt and pants, equaled military clothing.)

• asking me to heat up his soup and then complaining,  "I can still smell the hotness!"
• suggesting Andrew kill a particular video-game-bad-guy by saying, "Why don't you pluck him from his life?"

• dinner comment, "My dessert stomach says, 'Sure!  Pile it up!"
• declaring 8:30pm "The Golden Age of the Day!" because that's when he's been playing Civilization with Andrew
• when asked if he had a best friend, he answered "No, my parents are my best friends."
• writing on a class handout, when asked how he solved the problem, "I just saw through it."
• walking out of the house for some pretend play, "I'll patrol the main bridge, see ya!"  Informing me during a pause in that play, "The armory is now the barracks, your highness." (I was appointed queen of the castle that particular day.)
... and one that I just learned about from LB in Sacramento:
"Another antic to add from Lindamood-Bell: Cameron had four different animal stickers that he used as a "rating system" for how well he liked each of his clinicians!  He put stickers on their name tags.  He only told one clinician about the cute!  Lions were his favorites."

• looking at me with streaming wet hair after washing it in the sink and saying, "You look a site."
• indignantly correcting my description of a voice as raspy by saying, "That's not raspy; that's gruff!" (Does it help that he was right?)
• "I'm getting close to frustrated. [Mom comment about introspection]  I'm down to annoyed.  [Few more seconds] I'm back to calm."  (Sometimes it's really not cool that he shares his thinking and sometimes it's awesome!)

After a really rough week, succeeding at lego camp!

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