Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sitting at whole Foods!

I have my desk top iMac set up in front of Whole Foods, but at least I'm able to sync this machine for the first time in awhile.  We're still hoping to get internet set soon, but I figured sharing some cute antics would be fun :)

• "I don't want to put his head back.  I like his squishy brain."  (It's an anatomy model that Cameron seems to want to keep disassembled indefinitely.)
• "That last look doesn't count!" (when insisting he'd hid something from his dads glance).
• calling his dad cunctator for putting off game playing!  He remembered that as the nickname for the Roman leader who refused to fight Hannibal and was nicknamed "the delayer".
  • barefoot, shirtless, balancing on the curb, he walked up and down the driveway for a good half hour at dusk (50-60F)

• this note from his teacher which so reminds me of his dad!  "I had to keep a sharp eye on Cameron at PE today. The kids were doing soccer skills. He was wandering off to the dug out and trying to climb a tree."

• when I talked about efforts to engage his mind at school he told me, "Engaging my mind is usually dodge ball."
• stating, "I I think it's a fallacy that kids need twelve years of school."  (This kid is not eight!)

• yelling up when Andrew and I over slept, "The early bird gets the worm.  You haven't got the worm yet ! [Long pause.] I got the early bird!
You didn't." 
• as we were walking by the school classrooms, he commented "Is that my class?  By golly it is!" 
• when playing the game of feature's he has from me or Andrew, he stopped the conversation early by saying he resembled … Godzilla.
• taking my dad's idea of different stomachs for dessert and main course to declare, "Mom, I'm full but my dessert stomach is begging."
• swinging this hard plastic angled thing, he came into the office to watch Andrew playing video games and informed us, "Charles is coming too!  [Pause as he settles.]  That's his nick name.  His real name is fool-snake.  [Before he picked it up in the woods, he thought it was a snake.  He settled down and then started to croon,]  Do you like Civilization, Charles?"

• suggesting sternly that I make sure to bring him a strawberry milk shake (He loves the Starbuck's strawberry frappuccinos as a cool, sweet on days when we drive straight from school to Lindamood Bell.)

• giving me an architectural tour of two lego forts he built (They tend to mix swords, guns, light sabers, cannons, and jet-propelled guns, but that's just my battle loving kid.)
• finding the pony licking my arm to be absolutely hysterical
• when he put the boots on the wrong feet, crossing his legs to consider riding cross legged (making the correct boot on the correct side of the horse while still on the wrong foot)
• enjoying listening to me read him "The Great Brain" and pondering the scenes for hours afterwards 

Creating one of his mazes!
Andrew holding up Charles :)

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