Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Further Introductions

Before I forget, I must make two more introductions to friends along my walk "to the white fence and back again".  First, allow me to present the Ivy Ladies.  They are a ring of redwoods draped in robes of ivy.

Aren't they just so delightful in their cozy circle :)

And, my other introduction is to a venerable, old gentleman the "Shake hands?" tree.  His branch goes all the way from his trunk, up through the branches of another tree, and down to about four feet above the road, just at the perfect spot to...

(bottom right)

(lower left from the middle, just above the road)

... shake hands!  He's so friendly, every time; I hope you get to shake hands with a tree soon :)

UPDATE 7/1/2015

I named Tritan next.  He's a redwood with some greenish lichen on his trunk and he has branches that stretch out like a trident and he has roots that reach down like a sea god rooted in the ocean.  He's always majestic when I reach his bend in the road.

Next, there's this tree with six trunks that really needed a name.  I was having a hard time until I realized that the base looks a lot like a wrist with six fingers sticking up.  What would a proper "Princess Bride" lover call a six fingered tree, Count Rugen! (Too bad you can't get all six trunks in one picture because one is always blocked, but there really are six.)  

And, finally I was trying to name this snag.  I thought it kind of looked like Socrates reaching one hand up to heaven and one hand toward the cup of poison, but it was a bit of a stretch and then Cameron went on a walk with me and helped.  Introducing Chief Swimming Spear!  It's center is the spear and it looks like it has two paddling arms and it looks like a totem.  Voila!

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