Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Homeschool! First Week of Seventh Grade.

It's been a great first week!  All the bumps were bumps that I could handle! For example, the first homeroom dragged for over an hour, but I was able to commiserate and fold laundry near-by and he got straight into lessons afterwards. The system upgrade is having issues that work isn't showing up as completed and then getting marked overdue. But, it's a known issue and the teachers/programmers are working on getting everything sorted out and I can sooth his worry.  Much more fun has been that he's needing my learning-coach-password less frequently, so I can support without being in his space, right next to him at the computer. It's been a mellow first week with short days and mostly success, so... I'm happy!

Over the summer, I've pondered more about how much happier his life is without the 9 hours of school and 3 hours of homework every weekday. In hindsight, I see more clearly how barely he was coping with sixth grade at the middle-school... effective (almost straight A's and learning material), but unhappy. He has so little time for anything else... chess, legos, and books were ignored.  He didn't eat while there because he needed the lunch time to feed movement needs. He lost so much play-time and I see more clearly its crucial importance. He also lost sleep. He regularly goes to sleep at 10p and gets up 9:30a... he's growing and needs that rest, not a 7:10a alarm.  So.... while I still have my misgivings, I see so much more the value of what he's gaining and I'm more committed than ever. This is the right choice and it will take more than his smattering of weekly, grumbly tantrums to sabotage. 

The boring homeroom to start the year... he got right into engaging with the material afterwards.

Friday play-day with friends

Breaking a board for his green belt yesterday. Again, the time for pursing his passions is such a huge value!

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