Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, October 8, 2010

Scotch Search

Treasure hunts are so much fun!  We wanted to see if Cameron could be trusted with a secret, so he helped me make the clues and had to keep the secret from Daddy for three days!

1. These are the clues to find your gift
you will find them if you're swift
Your next clue is downtairs where it's bright
Look inside the kitchen light

2. By the wall
but not too tall
Near the statue
is your next clue

3. Under the couch cushion
you'll find your next one

4. Be sure to look in Cameron's shoe
That is how you'll find your clue

5. In the closet you will see
There is a clue for thee

6. Behind the Goals picture you will find, easy as pie,
Your next clue, if you try

7. The next place isn't too far
Look inside Mommy's car

8. Where you put your coffee grounds
That doesn't make grinding sounds
[French press]

9. Under the sink, by the pail
Is your last clue, so don't fail

10. On Mommy's chair, by her desk,
You will find the end of your quest 
[New bottle of Scotch]

Other things to share:
Hysterical video of singing anesthesiologists.
A delightful autumn poem from a friend:
Autumnal Delights
The sudden cool of morning brushes skin,
Air scented thick with ripened apples mulls,
Piquantly spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon,
A breeze, a whoosh of fallen leaves, then lulls.
Perhaps still green, remains a supple leaf.
As maple bursts in orange-red, umbered oak,
And aspen’s deepest gold, explode! In brief
Calliopes of color: Nature’s cloak.
Surrounded by the changing atmosphere,
Imbibed in richly, flavored, shades of earth,
Awash in subtle, brilliant, bracing air, 
My senses wake! I breathe autumnal birth.
Outside grows cold as inside’s glow ignites, 
With Fall’s imbued sensorial delights.

Cute antics:
• playing dominoes with rhyming responses like, "Blank six and one, none of those are fun." (He also calls the game "Marlboro" because we have an old set that has that label on the back of the pieces.)
• enjoying the treasure hunt we put together for Andrew so much that he wrote me a clue after hiding one of his own dimes and pennies, "look in a box".
• ready for school Sunday morning :)  Shoes / coat / lunch all set!
• singing to the part of Sound of Music Lonely Goatherd, instead of "She yodeled back back to the lonely goatherd", we got, "sevens are so hip-er-oni"

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