Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wobbly Ground

3:15pm on Thursday.  The update was sent early.  The bags were packed.  The plan was to leave for an overnight, apple-picking adventure with buddies at 4pm.  Ring.  Ring.  Husband calls to say that the division he's working for at Microsoft is being disbanded and the announcement is scheduled for the next day.  Screech, halt.  He wanted to be there for the announcement and to support the team he manages, so... no trip.  But, we went out for a truly decadent dinner at Ruth's Chris that just hit the spot for quiet, quality couple time and began contemplating the next options... while no one lost their job, we're now on wobbly ground! 

Other things to share:
This video from a kid in my history teacher's youngest class!  

Cute antics:
• playing Clue with my dad he commented on Mr. Plum who turned out to be the murderer using a knife in the billiard room, "Better if Mr. Plum with the billiard ball in the billiard room."
• informing me, "This is so hard. No its not!  I was just using sarcasm."
• commenting on the character Ramona who stuck out her tongue when someone asked if the cat got her tongue, "HA!  It's just an idiom!" 

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