Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Letter

As Chanukah begins, lets get the annual holiday letter out there!

... and the text in an easier to read format although I'm not going to fight with making everything line up. Remember, we're in low maintenance blog zone until moving is complete :)

Hello to all our friends and family,
We have had a full year of fun and lots of changes!  Once again, I've reviewed the year's calendar and come up with a multiple choice quiz.  So, here's a fun review of our news for everyone!  :-)
1. This year Cameron turned:
a) seven and had a party at GymStarz Gymnastics
b) seventy and tottered up Everest
c) seventeen and left for college early
2. Leaving Microsoft: Live Labs to work at Kima with his two best friends, Andrew has:
a) started the process of working one week in San Francisco and three from home each month
b) become an expert at Craigslist and Ebay ads while we de-clutter and try to sell the house
c) regained his passion for long hours spent tackling a problem that fascinates him
d) intensified his passion for his new iPad and shared computer games like Zelda, Myst, RushHour, Angry Birds, and TrainYard with his son
e) become a fan of his son's indoor butterfly habitat or all of the above
3. While Cameron has been excelling in first grade and successfully working through challenges with the help of both his classroom and special education teachers, he spent time outside of school:
  1. indulging his new passions for legos, chess and visiting his Athlete Mentor
  2. listening to Mom read the full Harry Potter series, Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and reading himself  Beverly Cleary novels like Henry Huggins and Mouse and the Motorcycle
  3. jumping all over his parents as he practiced Jiu Jitsu and the house as he showed off his new appreciation of goofy slapstick
  4. dressing up as the "daytime sky for Halloween" or a through d
4. Rachel and Andrew took a(n):
a) trip to Crystal Mountain where Rachel didn't die skiing, but did get tobogganed off the mountain
b) group of many hundreds of essays to grade for the Ayn Rand Institute 
c) weekly voice lessons and dip into artistic bliss with the arrival of a huge painting titled "Inspirational living" in honor of our 10th anniversary
      d) pause in our routines for hosting pleasures with visits from blind friends, grandparents, and Objec-
tivist lecturers in history, economics, and values.
      e) polar sled ride or a, b, c, d
5. As a family we:
a) went on our first overnight tent-camping trip
b) paddled our new canoe on local lakes / rivers
c) shared our fondness for musicals including HMS Pinafore
d) gathered and pressed our backyard apples into cider
e) built a tree house where we now eat coconuts all day or a through d
6. Rachel relished mom-hood, her new love of connoisseur chocolates, beginning a parenting blog, creating autobiographical memory boards for Cameron, growing a veggie container garden, visiting her favorite childhood spot (Sea Ranch), and extra fun with: 
a) attending the Olympics 
b) apprenticing as an online history teacher
      c) tackling the challenge of her funky thyroid and her bronze statue's whacky wax issues
      d) hiring an in-home masseuse that pampers her every hour and happens to be a gourmet chef or just 
too content with a-c to turn over that much time to pampering... yet :)
We hope you've all had a wonderful year!
Happy Holidays,


  1. Lovely, and early! I'm super-di-dooper late this year have only thought about my Angelic Verses. You may receive it as a New Year's newsletter.

    Have a joyous and productive holiday season.

  2. Lynne:
    Thanks! I'm skipping holiday cards and not even printing the letter this year, so that made it a much less daunting task.

    It's crazy to live with agents calling you at all times to bring over potential buyers. My kiddo comments every time that he hopes they don't buy the house, but we're chatting about that! We're getting awfully good at running out to Starbucks and playing computer games for a half hour too :)

  3. I love this idea! I just sent out our first holiday letter ever. Perhaps next year, I'll make it a quiz! :-)

  4. Kelly: I hope it's as fun for you as it is for me! I send out weekly updates, so reviewing them from the whole year to make the letter is a powerful, consolidating experience too :)