Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, December 3, 2010

Two Highlights from the Train Ride

Twenty hours traveling from Seattle to Sacramento in a sleeper car was quite the family adventure!  We had a lovely family celebration of Thanksgiving.  As for those highlights:
• Hearing over the train's loud speaker, "Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot send children to the lounge car to purchase alcohol." (What a laugh! They went on to mention that such actions happened to be illegal.)
• A glorious several hours reading and watching the afternoon sunshine warm houses, trees, rivers, barns, fields, and various other parts of the countryside visible from the train tracks.  So peaceful :)

Other things to share:
Objectivist Round Up

Cute antics:
• describing an ornate house we saw from the train as an "orange cake frosting house".
• stating he was"quizzing by like I was about to be whizzed"
• asking a question that answers itself, "Why does this elevator smell like a honey bucket?"
• feeling Andrew's sharp teeth and stating, "It looks like you have too many canine teeth."
• responding to my statement that he'd made it through to this Thanksgiving with a gleeful, "Without being kidnapped once!"
• requesting that we "toggle gravity"
• telling his 11 month old cousin to "look at the camera"
• informing me that he was supposed to be winning because, "We're opponents, that's the point."
• responding to my note that the counselor session wasn't more than play i.e. that we were going to stop going with, "Of course it's play; that's what kids do."  (Well, when he's right, he's right.)
• continuing with his new word for "release", I tickle him and he says, "Will you please un-imprison me."
• responding to my playful, "You're being fresh." with, "Of course I am!  Why else would I be as nice and fresh as a vegetable!"

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