Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, February 4, 2011


That has been the new game of the week and talk about an awesome tool for practicing addition and subtraction!  My kiddo has even been prompt in telling me how much change I owe him when paying rent :)  He was delighted when he beat me when I rolled snake eyes and landed on his hotels on the greens twice!  Ouch, $1400 swamped me... he'll tell anyone who'll listen every detail about how he destroyed all my houses on the yellows.

Other things to share:
A cool video from my dad of a harmonica performance in Carnegie Hall... it gets so fast!
A particularly amusing version of Cake Wrecks!
This week's Objectivist Round Up.

Cute antics:
• a monologue that could not have been less than thirty minutes about what would happen if giants cut the earth in quarters or bombs in the arctic blew it to smithereens or a host of other catastrophes occurred... occasionally he paused to ask my opinion of the outcome of a particular disaster.

• smugly declaring the next thing that was going to happen in his latest Beverly Clearly book. (He wanted me to read and to know that he knew when the characters were wrong in their expectations.)

The sleep of the fully exhausted

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