Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thyroid: By Symptom, take two

[Again, skip if you're not interested in the thyroid saga.]

My latest thyroid update is that I'm not sure my issue is thyroid related.  I have seen no change in either laboratory results or symptoms after having weaned off T3. 

So following up on the symptom list... 
1. I still have throat pressure.
2. My hair loss has stopped although I'm not sure which of many actions made a difference.
3. I still get cold hands/feet, but less so this winter than last.
4. I continue to get afternoon headaches that progress to nausea and finally require sleep to resolve.  I have identified three triggers for this most annoying symptom: menstrual period, poor sleep, motion (car rides, plane flights, spinning).  Sleep resolves the issue.  Aleve is the only medicine that can address the pain, but it is temporary and I then feel ill the next day instead.
5. Sleep continues to require melatonin and is difficult to maintain through the night.  I did a trial with adding GABA that showed no change.
6. I haven't been taking consistent temperatures because they are so variable and do not seem to even correlate with other issues.  
7. My weight has remained the same (about 40lb more than my ideal two years ago).  I've continued paleo eating, doing Body By Science workouts and walking.  I am very leery to try Cross Fit because of cortisol concerns.

My plan is to continue Low Dose Naltrexone.  It was supposed to take 3 months to start working and I had two miserable colds back to back starting at about the three month mark i.e. I'm not sure if it has helped yet.  Over the last two weeks, I've been finding I get ill less frequently when I eat twice a day, brunch between 11am-1pm and dinner before 5pm. I've been doing a walk with one sprint each morning except on the one weight lifting day.  Aside from some digestive enzymes with each meal and fish/butter oil, I've only been taking vitamins twice a week.  On those days, I take the multivitamin, 1/2 an Iodoral tablet, Iron, D3, and Mg.  I have noticed no change with the decrease in vitamin frequency and I do want to work towards less supplements.  So, some things are improving and I'm still working to discover what is going on.  I plan to re-evaluate in one month and go from there.  I wish it had been as simple as adding some thyroid hormone for me!  Here's to finding the solution that gets me back to health :)

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