Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, February 17, 2011


We're reading the hobbit and Cameron has started spontaneously riddling :)  This is what we came up with together:

Smooth skin
When it begins
Aged grooves
That time removes

(Any guesses?  I'll post the answer next week.)

Other things to share: 
The Atlas Shrugged movie trailer is now posted and... there's potential... much more than the original reports indicated... 

Cute antics:
• watching this amazing video of the story of The Hunt for Gollum ( Cameron commented almost studiously, "Orcs are gross."
• doing spelling with me, we do a visualizing exercise with non-phonetic words.  It was recommended by his pediatric eye doctor.  You hang a ball and tap it once for each action.  Say the word.  Spell it forwards (tap for each letter).  Say the word.  Spell it backwards.  Say the word.  The point is that it helps you actually see the word in your head.  I let Cameron pick my word this week and he picked... "house-keeping"!
• He's been a bit confused by all the switching uniforms in The Rat Patrol, a favorite way to be sneaky... still, when I asked "Who's in the German motorcycle?", I got a placid, "Probably a German."
I'm afraid I didn't take a picture of our Valentine's Day celebration until after, but is was lots of fun with red balloons, red candles, red foods, red roses, and a dinner conversation focused on what we each loved about our family :) 

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