Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Fun Center

I must say a day of family play including miniature golf, bumper boats, and  go karts was... fun, but wearying!
Hiding out in the miniature golf buildings to block the ball
Reveling in driving his own bumper boat

Other things to share:
Cute antics:
• contemplating all the delightful things he'd do if he could buy jail in Monopoly
• after convincing Andrew to play a game, he commented "Seems like we need an iPad". (The observant boy went to get it himself.)
• proposing in a bargaining voice that he'd make his lunches, but only if I read to him. (Um, that's his responsibility.  Was that supposed to persuade me?  He tried again with something closer to a polite request when I didn't respond to the "threat".)
• and a sweet moment regarding his athlete mentor...
I was just talking about play dates that he has with kids his age and he interrupted and started talking about his athlete mentor (Jordan).  
I said, "Jordan's different, Jordan's..."
Cameron filled in "a cool kid!"
(There you go, 16 year olds that are willing to give roller coaster rides are more cool than any peer!)

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