Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, April 15, 2011

Watching Superman for the first time!

Wow, talk about some gaping plot holes, but it was solid fun for snuggling anyway :)

Other things to share:
This week's Objectivist Round Up.
Cute antics:
• doing a "Make em Laugh" dance at his athlete mentor's house (Inspired by Singing in the Rain.)
• commenting on the competitors in his video game, "They always want me to perish."

• after another goofy action, informing me, "I was just trying to be hilarious."
• commenting, "These are soldier worms and I love dropping concrete donkeys on them."  (I thought there was some serious imagination wackiness going on, but they're apparently "real" characters in one of Andrew's iPad games.)
• giggling to himself and telling me he was playing the "laugh out loud game".
• listening to me propose a whole scheme for packing him off to the zoo before responding with a smug, "I will not participate." 
• insisting on wearing his winter coat to breakfast everyday (This is a pet peeve for Andrew who finds the daily drip / wipe of the puffy coat aggravating.  I have washing the thing on my list today!)
• greeting his playdate buddy with shrieks, circles running, and bizarre bits of sentences.  The buddy did the same thing, so they must be making sense to each other at least.
• playing Monopoly against himself... somehow one player always winds up with 90% of the property and money :)


  1. Hi, Lady Baker,

    I am looking for a way to contact you but can find no way except through this blog, which I follow.

    I am a philosophical realist, and sometimes I call myself a "small-o-objectivist. I am also working on a Ph.D. in Special Education, and am planning a dissertation regarding the educational choices of families of bright children with ASD. Right now I am taking my last class before Comprehensive Exams, as as part of that class I am doing a narrative analysis of one narrative about a similar topic. This analysis will go nowhere else, it is just a demonstration that I have learned something about how to do the analysis. It will be short. I would like permission to use a narrative from your blog. You will be anonymous, and the blog address will not be posted. The only people that will see the analysis will be me, you, and the professor--Dr. Jan Armstrong at University of New Mexico College of Ed. Although it will not be part of this analysis, I will ask you to comment back on what I saw and didn't see in the narrative, because it is part of the larger process, and also because I am new at this.


    Elisheva Hannah Levin
    Ragamuffin Studies

  2. Oops! I also have a son with AS, and my interest in this issue was piqued by raising him--he is almost "done", being a few months shy of 18. As I began working on this Ph.D., I began to wonder how the philosophy of parents influences their educational choices for these kids. So that will be what the dissertation is about. This study is not that, although I will practice looking for it.
    If you wish to grant me permission, or have caveats, please contact me through Facebook: Elisheva Hannah Levin or through my blog, or by e-mail