Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Monday, July 4, 2011

San Francisco Vacation

Lots of fun and my kiddo dubbed it the week of ice cream and vehicles because we relished so much of each!

Going across the bridge was gorgeous too though!

Other things to share:

Cute antics:

• going with me to the dermatologist to watch as they took out a few stitches on my shoulder. He was "helping" me find the office.  He looked down this plaque and found the doctor's name.

I asked him, "So, what office do we go to?"
He answered, "M.D."

• Interrupting the answer to his question multiple times with fantastical methods of jet propulsion before listening to Daddy explain (via iPad diagrams, so cool)

• wanting his ears to pop and knowing that I couldn't do it for him, so he directed me to use my "magical powers".  (I think he likes that particular parenting technique of granting a wish in fantasy! I obligingly abracadabra-ed... and offered some more practical suggestions in case that didn't work.)

• developing a new unit of measurement for planes, "one mass-jolt per second".

• showing a bit of a need for more geography learning as he cracked up all the grown ups (add lots of laughter after each answer):
Me (looking at the Oakland Bay Bridge): Do you know what bridge that is?
Kiddo: London bridge
Me: Well, what city to you think London Bridge is in?
Kiddo: Europe 

• after I explained that the curb cut outs were for people in wheelchairs and the raised dots were added to help blind people, he came to the next corner and exclaimed, "Braille dots!"

• delighting in the fourth sweet he gleefully declared, "My name is sugar industries!"

• in classic grumble mode declaring that the choices of outings were "go or don't go" and then, when presented with the conviction that the drive into the city needed to include something besides eating, he added, " We already did something besides eating.  We drank."  (He did enjoy the planetarium in his own grumbly way.)

• when I was trying to get him to say the word "attitude" for our Taboo game, I said "Junie B.'s teacher often tells her to 'Change your blank, young lady!"  and Cameron responded "ALTITUDE"!

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