Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, October 28, 2011

Glorious Evening

I just spent four hours reading, playing games, sipping cocoa, eating pancakes, and thoroughly enjoying an afternoon / evening in front of the fire with my kiddo!  Just one of those days really worth remembering :)

Other good things:

This Week's Objectivist Round Up

Cute Antics:

• when frustrated with another kid at the party, he scooped up some corn chips and said he was bringing, "Chips for peace."

• when plans changed for the play activity, he stated "I changed her mind."  (I wouldn't count on that lasting! :) )

• we were pretending that Dad was the president and Cameron and I were congress as far as decision making went for something silly, Cameron said, "Congress is getting annoyed!"

• developing a new take on the expression "heaven knows", I asked him a question and he answered with one of those twinkly eyed looks, "Don't ask me, ask heaven."

• trying to finish my yawn for me so I didn't have to.

• after I suggested he go upstairs, he declared "Your ticklment will not prevail!" 

• informing me that I could "be the audience" for his "fantastic moves"

• "Why are you thinking I'm a hilarious boy.  I am not.  I am a serious boy."  

• almost wiping his bacon grease hands on his pants yet again, he looked at us and said "Oh fiddlesticks, it's an old habit!"

• when play biting in rough housing, he knows no teeth are allowed... after an accidental touch he asserted, "It doesn't count if its one tooth!"

• trying to put on no socks and then grabbing some of mine for ice skating, I mentioned the likely discomfort and he declared, "I'll suffer."  (Where does he get this stuff?!?!)

• reading my latest entry into the weekly idiom dictionary (running out of steam) and declaring, "I'm full of steam!"  

Floppy sword against ruler… naturally such battles require the perfect hat and I love the perfect goofy look too.

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