Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet Spontaneous Moment

I was just typing up something that I didn't want my kiddo to see and when he came over and I covered his eyes, he asked me to write "I love you" in the color salmon (the crayon color palate was on the desktop).  After that, he wanted it in different colors.  I humored him and printed it out for him.  Then, he wanted more detail.  His writing goal this semester is to add more detail to his writing, so he wrote "why" next to all the "I love you" notes.  He went off to do something else and I answered his questions.  When I presented him with this, he took it smiling and read the whole thing.  Then he grabbed a pencil, turning his back to me secretively.  When he turned back, he proudly presented a smily face at the bottom and gave me a hug.

I love Cameron because he is so enthusiastic. 
I love Cameron because he loves sharing reading with me. 
I love Cameron because he says things that make me smile.
I love Cameron because he happily learns new things.
I love Cameron because he likes pancakes too.
I love Cameron because he plays games with me.
I love Cameron because he lets me tickle him and joke around.
I love Cameron because helping him become independent gives me great joy.

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