Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just lots of cute...

I've been in pamper-the-birthday-boy mode, so I'm going to make this quick post all about the cute antics of my now eight year old!

Cute antics:
• tossing a foot ball too high for his mentor, he listened to me comment that his friend wasn't that tall.  Then he tossed it at his friend's knees and remarked, "Not that short either."
• play attacking with a war cry of, "Goblin oatmeal death to human forces."  (Um, nope, no clue how that combination made sense.)
• flopping on the ground with, "Wait a minute!  Am I dead?"
• instead of following through on the deal to read me either "The Trumpet of the Swan" or "Old Yeller", he picked "Anthem".  (I'm humoring him and putting some time into playing one of his favorite video games in exchange for him reading a chapter book to me that I've already read to him.  I'm surprised he picked "Anthem" though.  Originally, I was curious if he could imagine a pretend world that wasn't like "The Hobbit" or "Harry Potter"… yep!)
• intentionally goofing up the numbers in the names of the "Anthem" characters so that they were in the millions
• placing the tiny plastic ball cap (had been an ice cream bowl) on his head and then repeatedly tipping it in a how-do-you-do kind of way
• asking out of the blue, "Is it raining in scotland?"  (?!?!)
• refusing to name a favorite flavor of Propel and instead saying, "The best kind of Propel is when there's a friend to play a game with you!"  (In one of our favorite books, a bear goes through all the seasons as his favorite and then he says what is most important is the company of a good friend, no matter what the season.  I did one of those glow-inside-smiles when he said this.)
• casually mentioning that "Barbarians aren't good." (I think that comes from the latest historical video game.)
• "Uh, oh!  That food used my shirt and pants as a slide!"  (He dropped it from the fork into his lap.)
• after watching "Rio Bravo", he jumped around gleefully yelling, "I would love to be Stumpy!"  (He thought throwing dynamite was very cool.)                                                                                                             • noticing that there was no one around because we were early for our family sail, he gave his dramatic conclusion "The ship is currently uninhabited!"
Yay for family fun on this huge sail boat!

• watching a movie, when it was clear the man was going to follow the heroine upon first meeting her, I asked "What do you think he's going to do?"  Cameron answered, "Go kiss her."  (Hmmm, I wouldn't recommend that as a usual first greeting!)
• continuing that movie, when the two were looking at each other while holding cigarets he said, "They're cigaretting." (A new verb, but it's quite descriptive!  :)

• amused at my exasperation at having forgotten what I was about to write myself as a reminder, he commented "I've felt the same way you have when I thought 'What lego was I looking for?"
• responding to a happy birthday wish with, "Happy birthday to you too, when it comes along."
• putting a pumpkin sticker on his shirt and declaring, "It's a badge for liberty and justice for Halloween!"
• responding to query on what he'd like to do next with, "I don't know what to do.  I'm befuddled by that excellent breakfast."

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