Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Monday, January 16, 2012

Let it snow!

It's so pretty outside with snow borders on everything, but not much depth.  For the last two days, we've had these brief blizzards where we get an inch and then it melts and then six hours later the same thing happens.  It's perfect weather for snuggling at home, but it's not that cold if you need to go out :)

Other things to share:
Cute antics:

• after another homework session where he was cranky and showing poor effort, I commented "It seems like you're saying to yourself. 'I hate this.  I want it to be over.' and then you take it out on me and neither of us are happy about that."  I suggested he say to himself, "I'm going to do this once and I'm going to do it well."   He paused, looked thoughtful, and then drawled, "Ya… I think that you have a point there."  

• requesting, "Would you let me squirm!"

• when poked in the stomach for being obnoxious, he giggled "I like that insult!"

• reading about farrows in a tree while reading the Greek myths, Cameron interrupted and said, "Farrows! We're not anywhere near Egypt!"

• rough housing so his shirt got pulled up, he declared "You are really making me very exposed."

• laughing exuberantly when I pointed out Orpheus and Cerberus are like fluffy and the trio in Harry Potter (He thought Rowling had made it up completely and felt like he was now in on the secret.)

• bargaining with himself, "Three pieces of cheese and a touch of rosemary for M&Ms."
[Mom watching has he has a teaspoon of some spice and downs it. Tosses the spoon in the sink and bolts to gulp a cup of water.]
"It scalded my throat."
[I showed him rosemary is greenish, but he insisted it was red… like on eggs.  Andrew used to put paprika on eggs.  I showed him the paprika and then identified his "rosemary" as… cayenne pepper.]
• sending a thank you note for lego figurines he wrote, "The lego people got turned into the persian Empire.  Except one who was turned into the best French lieutenant."

• placing his fingers like on the home row and tapping his ribs, "I'm typing on them."
Enjoying a gluten-free chocolate volcano cake… he had me cut it into quarters and heat each piece so he could relish it in sections.


  1. Livy and I really enjoy making the connections to Greek myths in Harry Potter, too! She is always so excited and once said, "Wow, J.K. Rowling knew a lot of stuff!" :)

    Have you guys tried the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan? Or his Kane family Egyptian series? They are retellings and reimaginings of many famous myths, and we like them a lot. Though, they are no Harry Potter as far as the writing and morality go.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check them out :)