Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, January 6, 2012

Greek Myths

As we've finally reached Athens in our ancient history class, I've begun reading the Greek Myths to my kiddo again.  He wasn't ready before, but he certainly is now and we're making it a nightly snuggle time :)

Other things to share:
• This week's Objectivist Round Up
• my friend Jason has put together a cool website connecting those people who want to read Ayn Rand books but can't afford it with those willing to donate:
• delightful readings of these two paintings:

This week's Cute antics:

• commenting when I didn't get the dice roll I wanted, "Your wish has been ignored."

• sticking the thermometer in his belly button and saying, "My tummy is 97.6."

• asking, "Did the Jews invent scissors?" (I'm not sure where that came from.  We were opening a box.  He added, "Maybe they could use scimitars."  We clearly missed some connection there.)

• after hearing that Jews were in every country he said, "Oh, Jews are conquering everybody."  (Um, we had a little history review about Jewish history not involving much conquering.)
• proposing that we go to visit my parents and spend the night in the Ritz.  [I grabbed the iPhone to let him consider the use of his funds and found the Ritz in San Francisco cost 400-700 dollars per night.]  We had fun imagining and Cameron finally concluded, "We're not going to the Ritz."

• contemplating the Middle East situation he got this exasperated voice and declared, "Alright, let's take the founding fathers and substitute them for these presidents Teddy and Truman and Wilson and.. " (He went on and was quite clear that the founding fathers needed to live at least a thousand years so he'd be happier with history.)

• finishing shuffling the cards and calling me from the kitchen, "Parcheesi has descended from interest.  'Hit the Deck' has ascended to interest.  Will your excellency come over please?"

Before Parcheesi "descended from interest"

Arriving to listen to Greek myths wearing a pajama top on his top and a different pajama top on his bottom… I'm used to the backwards and inside out clothing, but this was different.

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