Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moving Hoopla

It's official that we're moving... and soon!  We have our final round of movers estimates to complete on Monday, but we're hoping to make February the 16th the day.  So... lots of hustle and bustle and trying to make sure everything works as smoothly as possible.  Assuming nothing falls through, this will be our new house within the next two months!

Other things to share:

-Very cool story found by Andrew regarding a slave's response to his former owner. 
-Pithy quote from the documentary "Buck" that had Andrew and I laughing, "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not get bent out of shape."

Cute antics:

• identifying a tune as from HMS Singapore instead of HMS Pinafore :)
• commenting on the tea warmed over the fire, "It's like firewood tea."
• noting during our loss of power, "Computer time is canceled… and I HATE that!"
• stating, "Love is disgusting and smoochy.  I'm never going to marry like that. [How are you going to marry?]  Like sarcasm."  (Hmmm, we'll give him some time.)
• telling us, "You don't know how real dying noises I can make!"
• continuing his love of the icky with, "That was way gross… I LOVE that!"
• vigorously attacking his reflection with foam sword and shield
• while experiencing a friendly and non distressing squishing, "I am feeling an extreme temptation to call names." 
• as we teased him with all the idioms he knows he said, "Do not idiom me into shreds, mister!"
• properly embarrassing us as we rang the door bell to view a home… he shook the owner's hand and then promptly collapsed on the floor and played dead.
• after writing a sentence with poor grammar to which I said, "You don't say things that way." He replied, "Well it's the way I'm saying things; maybe I'm a new wave."
• building himself new chef concoctions which he always served himself with a fancy placemat and a full set of silverware:
-butternut squash sauce, crushed rosemary, sliced strawberries, and chocolate chips
-m&ms, strawberries, melted ice cream, paprika, celery salt, piece of jerky, yellow cheese, chocolate chips
-chocolate chips, brown sugar and two kinds of jerky, mixed in a bowl


  1. Congratulations and best of luck with the house move! It looks terrific and with excellent woodland views. It's a good thing you're flexible and so won't get bent out of shape by the changes.

  2. :) Thanks! Almost everything we saw was a short sale, so there are lots of purchasing hoops that we're hoping we'll navigate... flexibly!