Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Temporary Housing Update

After three days recouping, I'm enjoying the most awesome temporary housing situation!  I'm staying with my welcoming parents where I can teach my classes and Cameron can attend Lindamood Bell and Andrew can facilitate the sale of one home / purchase of the other.  So... while lots is still going on, our stuff is now in storage and we're enjoying this pause before the moving in storm.  Andrew will move in with his buddy in Oakland before the start of work at Groupon, March 1st.  Our new home will close in March, hopefully by the 8th.  I'll likely not be doing much blogging in this interim period, but I am having little sparkles like... I saw "42nd Street" with my dad and, today, I discovered a chocolate tea  with my mom that is the best one I've ever tried and it's herbal too!

Andrew talking to the mortgage bank on our walk this afternoon

Playing with the leftover dry ice after we put our freezer items in my parents' freezer

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